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quilt snob?

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Comment by Carla 10 minutes ago

Love the bubble gum pink Handstitcher!  Great job getting these blocks into a quilt!  It really is awesome and I agree a little wonky adds to the charm!  Hope everyone is staying safe. Living in Texas, we opened early and are now paying the price.   Finally our govenor did a very unpopular thing here but much needed in my opinion to require face masks in public places.  We will continue to stick close to hope only going out for groceries! Hopefully we can get this under control again.  So many don't understand the masks are really there to help stop the spread not so much to protect you from the disease!

Comment by Janet/MO 54 minutes ago

Hello to everyone.

Katherine, that quilt is so pretty.  Basting is never fun even when we don't have physical limitations!  I have several tops that I need to get basted, but I just dread doing it as I don't have the space.  I read a hint from one of the Craftsy/Bluprint instructors who said she puts two 6' folding tables side by side.  Then she uses the space where the 2 come together as a reference point to line up the center of her quilts.  Of course, she has a large quilt studio with room to set two tables up side by side!  

Sandy, my son has a German Shepherd who is also terrified of fireworks.  Some of their neighbors started shooting them off earlier in the week.  Scared Jaxson so badly that he actually climbed in to the bathtub in their hall bathroom.  They were heading to the store yesterday so get some doggie treats for him that had calming ingredients such as lavender in them.  I will e-mail him & asked if they worked.  They live in Las Vegas so have been hesitant to buy a thunder shirt due to the heat.  

Comment by Katherine V. 1 hour ago

Cat Lady, I am so happy to hear your husband is tolerating the therapy.  The new immunotherapy drugs are a game changer.  I worked for Merck who developed Keytruda.  It was very exciting to watch from the inside the impact that drug was having.   Best wishes for the next round of treatment. 

Handstitcher, as always your saves are gorgeous.  My friend found an unfinished quilt top that her aunt had made 20 years ago.  It had that same bubble gum pink.  

The new house doesn’t have the floor space that my house in PA had.  I tried to use pool noodles for basting the quilt, but that was a disaster.  My guess us that it works on the smaller quilts, but it’s hard on the larger quilts.  I want back to using a folding utility table with clamps I bought at Lowes.  I’m getting better at centering the three layers.  I’ve had to take this one slow.  I have a frozen shoulder and thanks to physical therapy, it’s beginning to loosen up, but I have to watch how long I baste.  I’m almost done and then I’ll decide on the quilt pattern.  

Comment by AnnetteJ 13 hours ago

Happy 4th to all my American friends.  I hope this finds you all healthy and staying safe.

Comment by Sandy Larkey 15 hours ago

I did get Ellie a Thundershirt--sad to say, it seemed to stress her out more than the fireworks did.  As long as she can be upstairs with my husband, for Papa to protect her, she does reasonable well. It's when she is outside when fireworks start going off.  She's also scared of gunshots.  I think while she was on her own after being abandoned, somebody must have shot at her.  But since the Thundershirt is returnable within 45 days, I think that's what will happen.  Last year and most years before, I had taken her out riding during fireworks.  Can't (say rather don't want to) do that this year--I don't see very well after dark any more, and the choice between saving my pup some stress, or doing something stupid with the car ... well, Ellie will just have to suck it up. 

I haven't been doing any quilting, or repairing since Monday.  During the traffic stop for that car fire, I inadvertently got too close to the muffler on a semi, and burned my right wrist rather badly.  It's quite painful, and leaking plasma,  and I don't want to get it against the quilt.  Yes, I have a Band-Aid on it, but I still don't want to risk it.  For one thing, it will hurt a lot to get my wrist against it.  Yeah, I know touching a muffler was stupid, but I didn't realize I was that close to it. 

Mowed the yard this morning, and went to Hastings for grocery shopping this afternoon.  I'm wiped out--catch you later.

Comment by handstitcher/IL 23 hours ago

That’s good news for your DH and you both, Cat Lady. If he can tolerate the double dose, I’m sure he’d rather have to have it only half as often. 

Hope everyone has a good and safe holiday today. Let’s hope the neighborhood fireworks aren’t too bad so our dogs (and all of us) can sleep tonight!

Comment by Cat Lady--MO 23 hours ago

Sandy you are fortunate if your longarmer charges a reasonable price for the basting.  The last time I had one done it cost me $75.00 just to get it basted. And yes, she was a member of my quilt group too. Her price was comparable with others at the time, as some others were asking $100 or more. They said it took as long to put it on their frame to baste as it would have to do any quilting on it.

Comment by Cat Lady--MO 23 hours ago

Handstitcher, thank you for asking. My husband is doing well. They decided that as long as he can tolerate it they would start giving him a double dose of the immunotherapy drug which means he only needs to get the infusion half as often.

Comment by handstitcher/IL yesterday

I don’t mind basting quilts as long as I have room to do it in our basement. The flat carpet hugs the backing fabric in place. The problem is that the basement is usually filled with furniture and boxes from my late father and from my DDs. Neither DD is in a permanent home yet, so the furniture and boxes come and go depending on where they’re at. I had a brief window of opportunity the last two weeks, so I basted two quilts for next fall and spring. Now we’re turning one bedroom into a guest room, so that means more boxes and furniture in the basement as we move things around! 

Cat Lady, I enjoy hand piecing as well. It’s good to have different projects to work on to keep things fresh. I love that block with the added piece, too! I couldn’t have done that in my own quilt, but I love finding things like that in a quilt or top someone else has made. Quirky is more fun than perfect. Like many pieced quilts from that era, many of the individual shapes are made up of fabrics pieced together. They used every scrap! How’s your husband doing? 

Jan, the fabric is a reproduction double pink. The double pink and dark blue combination was popular around 1900. I know g-g-grandmother was very fond of it, since the two tops of hers I just basted have that color scheme. I’ve also seen several quilts from that era without borders, especially when the blocks were set on point, so I decided to go with it. Glad you liked it, too. 

Comment by Sandy Larkey yesterday

About basting quilts:  If you've got an "in" with your local long-arm quilter (for example, she belongs to your quilt guild-hee hee!) you might could talk her into basting a quilt for you.  What my friend/long armer did was to make rows of very long stitches, 4 - 5" long, every 6" apart.  That way, nobody had to get down on the floor to do it.  My mother and grandmother had a different way of doing it.  They set up their quilt frame at the size they'd need for the quilt, then basted the backing onto the frame, layered the batting, then the top and basted everything together.  Have to admit, basting the middle did require someone to get down on the floor, namely me, to poke the needle back up.  They generally used either string or a very coarse thread and made their basting stitches quite large and far apart--just enough to stabilize everything while they rolled the quilt up around the end rail, to get a working area of about two feet deep.  Have to admit, one of my nit-picky bits with the Nelson group; they use safety pins to attach the quilt to the frame, usually one set holding the back, then another set for the top.  And sometimes, the tension against the frame results in little tears in the quilt top. 

Speaking of UFOs, my very first bed-size quilt is still a UFO.  I designed a sailing quilt and stitched it together while we were in Louisiana, to fit the queen-size bed we had on the houseboat.  And then hand-quilted two baby quilts in a hoop while on the boat.  Decided right then and there that trying to work with a large quilt in a hoop in that small living space wasn't going to be very much fun.  So put the quilt aside until we moved to this big old Victorian house.  And got a king-size bed!  So now the quilt doesn't fit.  I keep thinking one of these days, I'll enlarge it to fit.  But that's a major undertaking.  The design is such that I can't just remove the borders and add another row of blocks--I'd have to take off the two outermost rows of blocks and extend the design.  And of course, there is no way I'll ever be able to match the fabrics. 

I did get Ellie a Thundershirt.  Tried it on her yesterday, and it seemed to stress her a bit more than she already was about the fireworks.  Somebody more authoritative than me must have discussed the situation with those kids--haven't heard any more of the big boomers, M-80s or larger, since last Sunday.  But since Ellie wasn't very comfortable in the Thundershirt, I guess we'll go out for a long drive this evening. 


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