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quilt snob?

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Comment by handstitcher/IL 13 hours ago

Just remember, Janet, you don’t have to agree to fix every item on the list. The homeowners will likely want the large items fixed, or be compensated for doing it themselves, but if the inspector is picky, you may get some slack on the small stuff, especially in this market. The buyers may not want to risk losing the house over the home inspection. Good luck!

Comment by Janet/MO 14 hours ago

I am so happy that the snow didn't come this far east.   

The appraiser came today to appraise the house.  Plus a roofer came to see if there were any repairs that needed to be done.  We are still waiting for our realtor to get a copy of the entire inspection report.  It is nerve wracking to wait.  We just hope they don't want to "nickel & dime" us to death!

Comment by Gail Brown 18 hours ago

Sandy, it sounds to me that you are staying pretty busy with all your projects.  I have been busy too.  About a week or ten days ago I got a phone call from a man I had met almost two years ago when my daughter and I had a small booth at an outdoor flea market.  At that time he asked me to repair an afgan thatwas well beyond repairable.  I told him I couldn't fix it but that I couldmake himanother one in the same colors.  It was for his grand daughter and he was very pleased with it.  This time he wanted me to make two more for a grandson and a great grandson, I got on a roll and finished them both last night.  That really cut into my sewing time, I'll have to pick up the slack now and get going, lots of tops to be quilted and ofcourse lots more projects in various states.

Lynne, I am so admiring of your applique projects, everyone I see becomes my new favorite.  I am going to have to try asmall wall hanging with smaller pieces just to see if  I can do it, all I've ever done were larger ones like Sunbonnet Sue.

I try not to look at any new patterns on e-bay or anywhere else, I have enough ufos to keep me bust for hundreds of years. I also have two BOMs coming every month in the mail.  I have enough books to find new patterns if I have the urge to startsomething new.  I was a very big fan of Thimbleberries when she was at her prime, I probably have at least fifteen of her books.  I did a lot of her smaller projects at a quilt shop that had a Thimbleberries Club that carried all her fabrics.  I can still find them at e-bay from time to time.  My hubby teased me and said I loved Lynette Jennings more than him, I told him only when I was sewing.

I guess I better get back to my sewing, don't know which project yet, guess I'll just close my eyes and pick one.

Comment by Sandy Larkey 21 hours ago

A surprise this morning when I got up--that four-letter winter word, that begins with an "S"!  Still doing it at 9:00, but now it's beginning to be very wet, near rain.  Temperature is at 32 degrees, sure hope it doesn't get any colder.  I was planning to go to Superior today to get a prescription refilled.  Guess it will wait until tomorrow, or even Monday.  I fill the week-at-a-time prescription boxes every Tuesday evening, so there's pill through Tuesday morning.  I drove too many years in this stuff in Minnesota to want to do it now that I'm retired and don't have to go out. 

Found another beautiful quilt kit on eBay, called Over The Rainbow.  It features a Harvest Sun block in the center, quarter circle in the corner, with alternating colored rays coming off it, and then the rest of the quilt is sort of like a Log Cabin, with reds and yellows on the upper right side and greens and browns on the lower left.  Really pretty.  But a little too large for a Quilt of Valor--according to the QOVf guidelines.  And a little more money than I want to spend on it.  And it's not large enough for our king-size bed.  So I guess I'll just drool over it online.  And go upstairs and sew on my dog-bone place mat.  What I'd rather do, though, is get those embroidery projects out of the way.  One more doll face, besides the one I'm working on, and then sew the bodies and stuff them, then sort out which clothes are wanted for which doll.  Carol doesn't want the full wardrobe for any of the dolls, but I'll probably throw in a few extras, underwear, maybe a nightgown. 

Did I tell you that when Montgomery Auction people were cleaning out my brother's house, they found two more dolls like he had bought last year for Toys For Tots.  And brought them down to me, "Sis, I think a little girl would like them better if they had more clothes."  Anyway, I took the dolls home and will make them more clothes before next Toys For Tots drive.  Memorial to my brother.

I have so many projects stacked up that I'm going to have to live to 250 to get all of them done.  Problem with that, though, is new projects come in faster than I clear up the old ones.  Anyway, nasty weather like this is a good opportunity to get some work done on them.  Catch you all later.

Comment by handstitcher/IL yesterday

Must feel so good, Lynne, to get these quilts off your UFO list! Another stunning quilt!

Comment by Janet/MO yesterday

Wow, it sounds like some of us have been feeling sleep deprived.  It is always good when you are able to just let your  body sleep as much as it needs to.

Love the quilt Lynne!  

Sandy, I would be really aggravated by that too.   

We are still waiting for the inspection report to come back on our house.  As another friend said, they always seem to find something that needs repaired in order to justify the cost.  At least we do know we don't have termites or foundation issues, but we do have some issues with parts of the roof.  

Comment by Carla yesterday
Yummy Lynne
Comment by Sandy Larkey yesterday

Wow, Lynne.  I've seen most of those blocks in some of my quilting books, but never had the time, ambition, desire to actually make any of them.  Sure makes for a spectacular quilt.  Especially the border. 

Comment by Prairie Quilter Jan/NE yesterday

Another heirloom!  So beautiful!

Comment by Lynne yesterday

Finished another binding today.  This quilt fabric was purchased about 26 years ago, at Georgia Bonesteel's store in Henderson, NC.  She came in while I was there, so I had her sign a piece of fabric for this quilt.  It is from one of her books,, quilt is named Romance of the Roses.  I added the sawtooth border and the reverse applique feathers.   Hand appliqued. Machine quilted.


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