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Comment by Lynne 58 minutes ago

Thanks, everyone.  It feels good to see these tops finished.  

Janet,, love your Seven sisters quilt!!!  A nice memory of your mom and her sisters.  

Comment by Carla 14 hours ago

Oh Ive been away for the hoidays and you all have been busy quilting!  Lynne I know you are feeling awesome about getting some of your ufo's done.  It's a slow process to get them completed but boy what beautiful finishes.  

Janet what a neat memory quilt. Seven sisters is a great pattern and really fits so nicely with the family tree.  I know a blogger who made a seven sisters quilt for each of her sisters.  

I agree with the patterns that are being written to make old patterns easier. Just adding seams, seems to take away so much from the look of the original blocks.  I guess loving the traditional process isn't for everyone.  Quick and easy for some and others prefer to do it the slow way.  I have been getting in some good quilting time this week.  I am also proud that I was able to make the five blocks for Cheddarback that came out December 1st.  

Comment by Janet/MO 15 hours ago

Thanks handstitcher.  You are right about those so called experts disparaging hand quilting.  In fact, they disparage anything to do with hand sewing at all including hand stitching down bindings.  While I am not against those techniques, there is definitely something to be said about just relaxing with a needle & thread in one's hand and working on a quilt.  Not everything in life has to be done "yesterday"!

My husband saw his surgeon this morning & got a good report.  The dr couldn't get over how fast he had healed.  You can barely see his scar so the dr jokingly asked him if he was sure he had just had surgery.  He has to see him 1 more time in 6 months and then he will be released from that dr.  

Comment by handstitcher/IL 22 hours ago

Another lovely finish, Lynne! That pattern is not for the faint of heart, especially with fussy cutting added to the mix. 

Your seven sisters is very sweet, Janet. The meaning behind your choice makes it extra special. I bet you smile when you see it, remembering your Mom and aunts. You’re right that too many quilt “experts” disparage techniques that aren’t “quick and easy.” Of course, these are the same people that denigrate hand quilting, so there you go.

Comment by Sandy Larkey yesterday

P.S. The sheets my predecessors used were all back in the 30s to the 60s--before the high-thread count sheets came into being.  And long before wide backs were available. 

Comment by Sandy Larkey yesterday

My mother, her mother and Dad's folks all used sheets for backing, but only on "utility" quilts.  Any "good" quilts, they purchased fabric for the back.  But Mom and Granma didn't do any fancy quilting on the sheet backed quilts--mostly they used heavy thread and big stitches.  The "good" quilts are what got the purchased fabric backing and the fancy hand quilting. 

As for Gwen's quilt that we are trying to hand-quilt for her --- today I ran into one piece of dotted Swiss, furgossake!  Boy, was that hard to do a decent job of quilting, up to my standards.  At least I do feel that she may have learned her lesson about backings--she broke a needle on that quilt today. 

Gail, as far as I'm concerned the only rule about quilting is ... there is no rule!  Good workmanship is always in order, but when  denim quilts and ragged-edge quilts are acceptable, why not do your own thing. 

Comment by Gail Brown yesterday

Back when I first started quilting I was hopeless about almost everything that had o do with quilting.  I didn't know about backing fabric and thought why don't I just use a sheet?  Ignorance is bliss, I guess.  I knew it was hard, but didn't know that it was because I used a sheet.  I just thought that's how it is.  I really didn't know anything about needles or anything else for that matter.  What a mess that first quilt was, just awful.  At the time I didn't think it was so bad, at least it was finished.  I gave it to my oldest daughter.  As time went by and I began to understand a little more about what I was doing I was appalled at what I had given her and wanted it back.  I told her I would make her a new much better one if she would return that one to me.  She agreed.  So I made her a very nice one and gave it to her and asked for the other one.  She refused to give it to me, said she loved it because I made it for her and it was my first one.  She still uses it and has it displayed in her home.

Janet,  I pay no attention to the "quilt police".  If they do not like what I do or how I do it that's their problem, not mine.  I make my quilts for people I love and for my own pleasure and my set in seams and other techniques are done how ever I am comfortable with.  

Lynne your work is beautiful.  

Comment by Janet/MO on Sunday

Thanks PQ & Sandy for the compliments on my quilt.  I used the Easy Six ruler by EZ Wrights to cut the pieces.  I originally started this quilt to show members of a guild I belonged to at the time how easy it is to do set in seams.  Then I put it away for a few years.  I'm so happy that I finally finished it.  One of my big pet peeves in the quilting world is when so called experts make disparaging comments about certain techniques such as set in seams.  They are not difficult to do so long as you clearly mark where your quarter inch seams come together so you know where to stop.  

Congratulations on getting your house back to yourself Lynne.  Our DD moved out a couple of years ago & then her boys moved back in with us for about 18 months.  They have now all moved out thank goodness.  Our oldest grandson came by the other day.  I told him that we miss seeing him & his brother, but not enough to have them move back in.  He did laugh as he knew what I meant.   I just love all the quilts you have finished!

Sandy, what I don't understand about people using sheets on the back is that they are not really saving all that much money compared to buying a wide backing.  Sheets today are not like they used to be so I don't blame you for not wanting to hand quilt that quilt.  Depending on the quality of the fabric she used on the top, she may live to regret trying to save a few bucks because the backing will probably not hold up as well as the front.

Comment by Lynne on Sunday

I am on a roll to finish these UFO's!!!  This one was a class with Judy Mathieson, years ago.  Sadly, I am not sure of the year.  After she looked at my fabric choices, she suggested I fussy cut on the triangles, for want of a better word.  Quilted by Colleen in Shipshewana.  Funny story, I had the background fabric, but the top side, clashed with the block. I flipped it to the wrong side, and it worked, so that's my background, the light color.  

Comment by Lynne on Sunday

Thanks everyone!!!  I have enjoyed getting back into the groove of sewing, by machine or hand, it doesn't matter.  Our houseguest, DD and 2 grandsons, moved out in June, after almost 7 years of being here.  We needed our retirement back!!!


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