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How do you go about marking for a Baptist fan pattern? Do you mark the whole quilt and then quilt it? I would think you would have to, since you couldn't just mark as you go if you start in the center. 

And where can I find templates for a Baptist fan, or how could I go about making one?


Thanks ladies (and gentlemen)!

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I check out the site that PQ posted and it helped some. But I must have done something wrong as I could not find the site with the drafting instructions. I did find some with how to machine quilt the fans but nor the drafting. I guess that is just me. Thanks anyway for the suggestions.

Bonnie, have you looked at Bonnie Hunter'st Baptist Fan tutorial? She has some fans drawn out on paper. Everything I have read about them is to keep them at an odd number and about an inch apart. It was one of those quilting designs that you start at the outer corner and built upon.  Pepper Cory also sells a stencil for a baptist fan.

Yes I did check that one out. It helped some but did not go into doing the fans in rows and where to start the next row as she did hers around the edge of the quilt and worked her way inside. At this point I would rather make my own template . That way I am only out my time if I do not like the pattern. Thank you for your help.

Bonnie, I went back and found the website.   http://www.pieceful-moments.blogspot.com/2008/04/successful-bishop-...

This woman shows how she drafts the fans and I felt it was a very good instruction with pictures.  Hope this helps

Thank you very much Lynne. It was very helpful. She actually showed that the first ark had the same radius as the distance between arcs. That was one of my questions answered. The two videos that I watched...one had a larger starting arc radius and a even number of arcs and the other had the smaller beginning arc and an odd number of arcs. Very confusing to me. I even have plastic canvas that I can use to make my template. Thank you again.
Glad it helped.  Your welcome
I am trying Bonnie Hunter's method of Baptist fan on a tablerunner.  I marked the beginning but not the whole piece.  I wanted to get it down before freehanding without marks.
How is it going jbt? One of my first hand quilted quilts I free handed Babtist fans. The stitches are gigormous when I look at them now. But, the shape of them wasn't too bad.  I also echo quilted a quilt with no marking and it does get easier with practice.
I have completed the outside and am moving to the second row.  I am building my confidence in free hand quilting.  I have already marked my next quilt but look forward to another free hand project.


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