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Hey ladies, I just wanted to vent a minute....I was listening to a conversation at my LQS while waiting to get some fabric cut and while I never thought of myself as a quilt snob, I think I am becoming one....LOL....when people talk about quilting they really have no idea the time and attention that can go into a nice quilt that is made with love, whether it is for the new baby or the newly married couple or just because you want someone to have something you have made...I use my machine and do most of my piecing this way, and I don't have a problem with longarm quilting or machine quilting although I usually do all of my quilting by hand...but when people are talking about buying a quilt for 30.00 from the local discount store  and it looks just like the one that I spent 200 hrs. quilting I tend to get a little testy...I am not a perfectionist, I do not try to finish X number of quilts in a certain amount of time...but I quilt for the utility and the sheer pleasure of doing something wonderful myself...I realize that everyone does not have the desire to do this, but I do wish they would learn the difference between quality and quantity, and don't tell me that you have made 25 quilts this year when you are talking about mini's or potholders these are quilted projects, a quilt is what we wrap ourselves in when we want to escape from the real world...please don't be offended because I love everyone's work and I know that there is more that one way to "skin a cat" but I still like to think when I tell someone that I am working on a quilt they know that someday, if they are lucky, they will know I did it because I love it and them....Have a wonderfully blessed quilting day ...

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I guess I am a quilt snob, too, Rebecca because all I can say is Amen!
I brag about being a quilt snob as it is something I'm darned proud to be! I just feel that anything worth doing is worth doing right & with good quality materials. At first glance those "slave made" quilts you buy in discount stores might look the same, but they are not anywhere close to what we make and I don't hesitate to point that out if anyone asks why we spend the amt of money we do on our quilts. I don't really agree with your feeling about minis (I assume you are referring to all wallhangings, tablerunners, etc.) because they can also take a lot of time and effort to make although I know what you mean about potholders.
I am also a quilt snob!!! In fact, I remember when the quilt network had a fit over the Smithsonian [sp] using old quilts and having the Chinese make them and sell them for penny's!! Their argument was that not all people can quilt, so why shouldn't they also have the chance to own quilts. Considering that the workers on these quilts, were only making a small amount of $$ or penny's as the case may be,,, it was everyone else that was raking in the $$$. If, I got this wrong, please correct me,,, as I know there are a lot of you that remember this.
I agree Rebecca. I don't know why anyone has to count how many quilts they finish each year. I love the process also, and that is what quilt making is about. I think hand quilters and machine quilters that pour their heart and soul into the quilt are happy when it is completed and they shine above those that have a quest to complete twenty five quilts a year. Unfortunately, the LQS encourages this as it helps their revenue. I have seen some machine quilted quilts that are absolutely beautiful and have heard that the quilter takes several months to complete them. We should appreciate their work as much as a handquilter wants her work appreciated. I just don't understand why someone would want to continue to pour out quilts that are just so, because they can't wait to start the next one. Their quilts show the lack of care put into them as much as a great quilt shows the amount of work put into them. You really can't compare the two. I guess that is why I would never sell the quilts I make and when I make a quilt as a gift, I only do it for very special people in my life. To me great quilts are priceless and the amount of love and time put into them makes them that way!
I couldn't have said it better myself. I've heard those same comments many times. I just take a deep breath and tell myself that they don't know any better. I also get a little tense when someone refers to a handmade quilt as a "blanket". Again, they just don't know any better. I feel sorry for them. They just don't know what they are missing.
Thanks ladies, I really do appreciate the time and talent that goes into quilted work, having grown up with quilters it was always an important thing for me and to watch women who so obviously loved it, gave me an appreciation that I might not have had otherwise....I also, although I don't think I expressed it very well, love all of the quilted items that are made as well...and I do love the minis(because they require a patience that I sometimes just don't have) I think it is the attitude that really bothers me...but reading your replies I think you understand that...And I too, don't like to hear my quilts referred to as blankets, but we just have to keep trying...thanks ladies again for understanding, and allowing a little venting , now I am going back to work, lots of sewing to keep these idle hands at bay...Have a wonderful day.
You are right on target, Rebecca. I knew I was a quilt snob, but it has hit home more lately. It's a slightly different aspect for me. I don't understand wanting to do something--make a quilt--but not wanting to learn how to do it well or not making the effort to do so. There are so many places and ways to learn. A really good quilter would look at my quilts and know that I still have a long, long way to go. It's not that easy to get to the point of not cutting off the points of your triangles or having a 12.5 inch square come out 12.5 instead of 12.25 or 12.75. But just sewing pieces together without thought of size and without pressing! On the other hand, I wouldn't want to be in a group that delighted in tearing each other's work down. I am so pleased, though, when I see the less experienced quilters I know looking around at other people's quilts and then asking them for help and instruction.
*smile* The only time I bought quilts was when they were going to be used by my daughters (who were rough on things when they were little)... and now they are used by the dog as a bed. The ones that I make take forever, and are either for me or for people that I know appreciate the work put into them.
I bought quilts once... to put on my furniture while my sister's dogs were staying in our house. They were never spayed so would have their monthlies and I refused to allow them to bleed on my couch! Other than that I am a snob as well.
everything has a use, I have some comforters that I have used and abused, but I mostly use, what my granny called "tacked" quilts for such as this, these are quilts that are called tyed in the quilt mags...we always had some of these because they were quick to do and made use of heavier materials...not your special quilts...I never owned a blanket until I was married and I received 2 as shower presents,. I had to sleep under a top sheet when I used them, because it felt so different to me...How spoiled was that...LOL...I do love the feel of a nice soft quilt....
I think I'm a quilt snob, too.
Hi all:
Count me in, I'm a quilt snob too. What comes to mind when I see those quilts sold in discount stores, is all those poor little girls working day and night, probably chained to their sewing machines without bathroom or rest privileges, working for less than pennies so someone else can brag about the "good" deal we got. Nobody ever got something for nothing - somewhere along the line someone paid the price. Joyce


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