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I was just wondering what is your favorite quilting magazine?  What makes it better or your favorite?

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I've let most of my subscriptions lapse--used to get McCall's, Quilter's Newsletter, and Love of Quilting.  Now, I'm down to just Love of Quilting, which I will probably continue.  I miss QN, but found very little of interest to read or try in the last year or so.  I like LofQ because of the good mix of types of quilt patterns and b/c there is some originality.  I enjoy the series with Pilgrim/Roy on historic quilts, as well as the design from one of the quilt museums each issue.  While F&P repeat many of their quilting lessons (not a bad thing since new subscribers show up all the time), I've learned new techniques that are helpful---but NOT their lumpless binding one!
I'm like Joana and have let most of my subscriptions lapse. I use to get Quilter's Newsletter and Better Homes and Garden American Quilter. I just get F & P Love of quilting. I'm trying to get all of my UFO's finished before I start new Items. Doesn't always work when I see someting new in the magazine.
I only get American Patchwork & Quilting. I like the good mix of designs, the designer feature and the way Laure Boehnke makes a smaller version offering a radically different color option. I also like the reader's tips. I usually find at least one quilt I would like to make, so I flag it. Unfortunately, that keeps me from throwing any away. Each month when it comes, neither of my sisters nor I look at it until we all have ours and I set up a conference call so we can read it together.
Sounds like so much fun to "read" the magazine with your sisters. I wish my sisters quilted! I'm trying to get my niece hooked.

Joanna, you don't like the lumpless binding method?  That's the only one I use.  It works every time.....at least for me. 

My mags are much the same as Joanna's.  I do like American Patchwork and Quilting.  I guess I got hooked on it years ago and don't like to let it go.  I haven't gotten much from the newer ones; I guess I'm set in my ways.

I let QN lapse some years back.  It was too much information and not enough on the projects.  I do like Quiltmaker, though.  Nice patterns with a minimum of articles.

F & P is another one I really like, as well as McCall's Quilting.

Lana--I used it for years--when I could get it to work, which I think was about 2/3s of the time.  I guess I never could get my head around the instructions.  Then someone in this group mentioned Anka's Treasures and her tutorials,and I tried her method--it has worked easily every time for me and looks just like the Lumpless one.  But then, it took me years to get the whole tube continuous binding thing straight.
Quilter's Newsletter was the first quilt magazine I ever purchased (the issue with Judy Mathieson's Nautical Stars on the cover from 1987 or so) and I've subscribed to it for 25 years. It's gone up and down during that period, but I like the fact that it has more articles about quilting then the other magazines, which have more patterns. I had a gift subscription to Fons and Porter that I let lapse and I currently have a gift subscription to Quiltmaker, although I'd be OK with letting that lapse as well. Frankly, I don't need anymore patterns -- my "to do" list is long enough already. I do read American Patchwork & Quilting sometimes at the library. I used to save my issues of magazines, but I cleaned them out years ago. Now I just pull out anything I want to save and pass on the magazines to my niece.

I don't have any subscription to any magazines at this time.  My Mom gets enough, so when she's done with her magazines, I eventually get them.  The worst is when there is a quilt done in a series and I don't always get the whole series…LOL.  But, when I see some pattern or tip I like, I don't feel guilty about tearing it out and throwing the rest away, in the recycle bin, of course.  That all sounds good in theory, right?

(I have a large plastic bin under my daybed full of magazines that I need to go through…LOL)  And there are stacks sitting with pages marked, but not torn out yet.  Sometimes, when I'm too tired to actually read, I just like flipping through the pages and looking at the quilts.

I have let all my subscriptions lapse because there were too many designs that I liked and not enough time to do them. I used to get Quilter's Newsletter and Quiltmaker. I had a year only on Love of Quilting and let that go for the same reason...not enough time to do everything l liked. I still have all the magazines and occasionally go through them.
I've had them all, but as I have developed my quilting skills, I have found the abundance of super-easy quilts not very interesting. I still have a subscription to McCall's Quilting. BH&G's American Patchwork and Quilting is nice, and I really like F&P's Love of Quilting. I will subscribe to those again when a digital version is available. I just don't have room in my fiber studio for any more magazines!

I let my subscriptions lapse as well.  I've subscribed to most of them at one time or another.  McCall's & Am. P & Q were favorites.  I liked whichever ones featured the most scrap quilts and charts for different sizes from baby to king.  I became disillusioned with quilting magazines in general, because I was seeing a variation of basically the same basic (or traditional) patterns in various color ways being renamed and touted as "original". 

On that same note, I went to a local quilt store where they were selling a copyrighted pattern with a catchy name and it was merely a Jacob's Ladder block with a border!  There was no new technique to patent and no unusual twist to the pattern.  That would be like me making a Log Cabin block with my own scraps, calling it PQ's Lodge and selling the pattern as "an original"! How can that be?  (This is probably not the place to post this question, but my problems with the pattern repeats in magazines made me think of it.)

Very funny PQ!  I guess our boredom with quilting magazines is because of our experience. We are well seasoned.  I agree with you about the same old block new name, but what else can they do?  I find myself lately getting out my old magazines when I am looking for a new project and the same patterns that I liked in the magazine continue to be my favorites.  It is helping me realize what I really like and it makes picking out the fabrics and blocks a bit easier for my next project. 


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