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I was just wondering what is your favorite quilting magazine?  What makes it better or your favorite?

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That's true, Budsgram--right now, there's a pattern floating around in my head.  It was in a magazine many years ago and was a "classic" even then.  But it has stayed with me where the latest thing from the most recent magazine hasn't.  I will say, though, that QN's cover series with discussions of and how-tos for complex, original blocks (mostly from Japanese quilters), did give me a lot to think about.  Those, however, were well above my level.

Joana, I think you could tackle about anything. Like all quilting it is breaking it down and taking a step at a time.  I guess it would come easier to us if we all had Tiger Mom's.  I am kind of a perfectionist and it drives my husband crazy sometime, he just doesn't see the details as important as I do. LOL

I think that we hand quilters are perfectionists b/c we see our quilts up close and personal--every single square inch.  it takes discipline to say "thank you" to compliments, rather than "but I did this and this wrong...."  Thank you for the encouragement---maybe I should  go back and look at them again!

My Mother crocheted - beautiful - and she would always point out mistakes that she had made.  They would never have been noticed.  Still have a beautiful tablecloth she made many years ago.  It is beginning to need some repair - was used and washed many times in our family.  Must do soon for a granddaughter that just got married.


That's an excellent point, Joana. We truly do see our work on a close-up level, as do knitters, crocheters, and tatters. We are our hardest critics. I think that's one reason I have no desire to have my quilts in shows or competitions. I'm critical enough of my own work -- if it were being critiqued by others, I think I would lose the enjoyment I have now.
i received an email yesterday from Quilter's Newsletter.  There was an ad for a CD with the 2010 QN--everything,, including advertisements.  It's in a page flip format, it is completely searchable (again, including ads), and the patterns can be printed out.  It was $19.95----isn't that a great use of technology?  Even my notebooks of torn out and filed patterns take up a lot of room, so the space savings alone make it a good option.  Quiltmaker was available too, and I've seen Love of Quilting advertise the same thing, I believe.
Don't mean to lead anyone into temptation, but I did come across a special on Quilter's Newsletter's website--a year of QN and a year of Love of Quilting for $25.  I saw a picture of a handpieced, handquilted project in the newest issue that's a must have---by the time there are 2-3 must haves in the course of the year, I might as well subscribe!  I was leaning towards waiting til the end of the year and buying the whole year on CD-rom, but I don't know if i'm that disciplined.  :)
Haven't seen that one, but just recently came across an Australian magazine called Homespun that is right up my alley, but it too is very expensive!
After seeing your post I looked at Quilt Mania on line, I think that will be my next JoAnn's coupon purchase.


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