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I am going to jump on the wagon, and start this discussion, which someone suggested.  Let's share our tips and hints for CUTTING, SEWING & QUILTING.

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I do that, but on the one I'm quilting now, I left some of the batting showing and it is fraying a bit--wool.  The quilt is so beautiful, PQ!  I really regret not having done mine in 30's fabrics....maybe the next one, LOL.

Love the quilt, PQ! Can't wait to see it finished!

I learned this tip by experience after making my first quilt. On my second, a wall hanging, I folded over and basted the edges, only to take it to a WIP guild meeting and have someone ask my why I had bound my quilt before quilting it. Guess I'd done too neat a job!

PQ - That is such a beautiful quilt.  I know your daughter will cherish it always.  I would like to do a DWR someday.  

Gorgeous, PQ! I have heard you talk about this quilt, but I haven't seen it yet. It is simply amazing! I love 1930's prints and would love to make a quilt filled with them, but I am not up for the DWR, yet, anyway. Great job and great tip about the batting!

I keep a little square of quilt batting next to me while sewing, doing hand appliqué or quilting. It's a good place to put those little pieces of thread or snips of fabric, so they don't end up on the floor. When I'm done, I can just roll it up and toss it. (There are plenty where that came from!)


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