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I just came across a embroidery technique that can be used on quilts called Twilling.  I am wonderine if any of you have tried it or seen it anywhere. It has a very classic look that always appeals to me.  I also like to embroider and thought this might be a fun way to combine the two crafts.  I thought it would be neat to emblish some fabric for a purse or make an heirloom baby quilt.

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I have never heard of Twilling,   I am  anxious to learn about it, and cannot wait for discussions from others!
I have never heard of it either. Sounds intresting.

I googled and found this site.  This stitch is called the twilling stitch and it seems to be know by other names as well.



I love the internet!  what a great tutorial!  I've learned so much lately by being able to follow up immediately on something like this and see the step by step process.  Can't wait to hear more about this.


One of our guild members demonstrated the technique at one of our "learning techniques meetings".  She suggested learning by outlining a "cheater fabric of quilt designs."  It was not difficult to do, but takes some practice to make the stitches look even.

Thanks Glenda for the information. I have been looking at some photos of this technique online and it is quite spectacular. It really adds a little sparkle to whole cloth quilts.






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