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Take a break from the paper piecing of March's block, and enjoy this easy all-appliqued block, designed by our Catalog Designer, Jenna. Get the pattern download here!
















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Now for the big question: Yo-yos or buttons? I love your fabrics.
Froggie I love your blocks.
I think yo-yo's, since there's only a few to make. I will have to play with it. There is one corner where NOTHING would match, I ripped it out twice. That's my limit, if I can't make something match three times, I am done. I am thinking about making a small butterfly or something and placing it over the spot. Nobody will see it, but everyone knows now, because I just told on myself!
~Hopppy quilting~
Not that I'm admitting to putting this block together quickly and not really checking everything, but if you look closely at mine, the left top corner of my basket, just might be slightly askew. Not that I'm admitting anything. Something I learned while I was working in costume in Hollywood, Done is Good!
Froggie, three times is my limit too. Sorry that you tore a part, but your idea sounds great for covering it. How about an embroidered one? It is going to be so pretty with those beautiful civil war fabrics!

Susan, you made costumes in Hollywood? For famous people? That is sew cool!

~Hopppy quilting~

It was really cool, as long as you don't mind pressure sewing. One day I would be painting a body suit for a Disney drummer in Hong Kong and the next I was working on Dr Phil's Santa suit. No two days alike and never any time to spare. I worked with the best people in Hollywood at a great company. I loved every minute. It's almost as good as what I do now. I play with new fabrics, I chat to the brilliant fabric designer here and sometimes I get to influence her designs. Then I get to create sewing patterns of my own.  It's not a bad life!
You didn't tell her just how demanding that people who are well off can be!!!  I accepted a job of making 15 poodle skirts for a 5 year old's party.  They had to be a certain color so I had to send a sample to NY, then it had to be for 3 ages (which I was able to compensate), fit all waist sizes (a little elastic in the waist band and a ribbon attached to each side to cinch up worked), and then they had to have matching purses which would hold Grease CD's, some makeup, etc. This was the daughter of a producer (remember Glen Close coming out of the bath water after Michael Douglas - he got an Oscar for that and I got to touch it one time) of Fatal Attraction and others.  I got the job because my daughter was their nanny for 13 years.  And when I did alterations, the wealthier they were, the more demanding.  Fun, but not for an every day job. I'm happy in my 7:30 - 4:30 job.
I think there are good and bad in all walks of life. I used to do alterations and one offs for people, but when I worked in Hollywood I usually did things for Stylists rather than directly for clients/celebs. That made a big difference. However the time lines were really short. "Here's a dress for the Emmys the client wants it completely different, you have an hour and a half before the limo arrives!" I guess it was a little like project runway except everything had to be perfect inside and out.
Froggie I love your block!


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