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The March block is available for download now! It's a really cute paper pieced daffodil designed by Sue. If you've never done paper piecing, don't sweat. Teri had never done it before, and she loved it. It's such a small project that it makes it fun to try new things.

Here's the pattern link: http://www.connectingthreads.com/patterns/March%20Daffodil%20Calend...

Here's the link to the FREE Calendar Keeper Pattern.

And if you're really nervous about Foundation Paper Piecing, we have some great tutorials here.

Have fun! We can't wait to see the fabrics you use. Look below to find out what fabrics Teri and Sue used for their versions and see more photos. They'll be posting later this morning.

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Hi All -

Finally I can post the picture of my very first Paper Pieced project! I had so much fun doing it I can't even tell you! For those other first time paper piecers here are a few tips I learned the hard way! When they way use a smaller don't go too small - I put my machine on 1 and it perforated the paper and was really hard to rip out when I made a mistake! Also don't use steam when you are ironing down the seams, it curls the foundation paper. My last tip is if you have an Add-A-Quarter Ruler USE IT! It is so helpful because it has the little ridge that keeps it in place when you are trimming your seams. Last but not least DON'T STRESS, go slow and have fun as your block is slowly put together and starts unveiling the design like a puzzle. Here's what mine looks like and I'll list the fabrics I used below. (Notice my buttons are added!)

For the sky I used 2221 Magpie-Cool from Cheep Talk & 2400 Dobby-Light Ocean from Golden Afternoon.

For the grass I used 2266 Fireflies-Peridot from Sip of Summer.

For the stem & binding I used 2270 Hammock-Olive from Sip of Summer.

For the flower I used 2225 Sparrow-Yellow & 2222 Starling-Warm from Cheep Talk.

Here's how it looks all put together (it's not really crooked, that's a bad angle!) I had to hang it with the Magnet-Ficent Invisible Quilt Hanger instead of my star hanger in order to hang it high enough so my toddler didn't rip it off the wall! He saw me hang it up and kept trying to pull it down so that he could try to hang it too - he's SOOO helpful!:

It looks so neat! Can't wait to start mine, but I get to work outside the home each day.
Oh that is really cute Sue, Teri yours turned out wonderful.  I can not wait to get mine done.
Teri, your block is really cute.  Love the bright colors.  I'm sure we will all have fun making the block.  Thanks for your tips - that will help also.  The main point is to HAVE FUN making the thing, right???

Oh how cute! I especially love the fabrics from the new zippee collection, the mushrooms and raccoons and bunny rabbits are too cute. I have made one paper pieced block, and messed it up. I will have to practice with some scrap fabric, I think I have a piece or two I can use!

I better get busy, I am behind already!

~HOpppy quilting~

Both Teri and Sue's blocks are lovely.


Teri, your comment about "helpful" toddlers made me laugh.  My son is the same way. 

Okay ladies, the race is on, who will post their Calendar Keeper and Daffodil block first?  (Can you tell I was raised competing with my brothers?)  No worries, sewing is NOT a competitive sport in my book. I just love to sew and cannot wait to see what you guys do. 


I have a small confession to make. As you know I designed the block, and Teri tested the block. Well I also tested the block, and I made the first segment completely backwards! So after a little careful unpicking (seam ripping) I then continued to make the rest of the segments to make sure I would have enough fabric to remake section A without having to reuse the fabric I had already cut. So my tip to you all is...Sew the fabric to the plain (un-printed) side of the paper.  Yes I know it's in the instructions, but just because I wrote them doesn't mean I read them!

Have fun, don't stress, and most importantly ENJOY.


Susan, I love the fabric yours is made from that is adorable.
OK, I read what Sue wrote about going slowly, and I even marked my foundation with the colors of the fabrics I was using.  I wrote Blue on some and then different blue on the others, except I can;t follow my own directions either.  So my blues are messed up.  I may or may not make another one, I haven't decided, but here is my block.I I haven't made the keeper yet, wanted to do the block first!)As the owner of the LQS says:  there are no mistakes, only oppotunities to be creative!  That's my motto!
Awesome, I love it.
Teri and Melissa - I love the different fabrics you have used - you too Lynne - that deeper blue is so clear.
It looks beautiful.


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