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Yay! Here it is! There's a little reverse applique and a couple of easy friendship stars. Have a look at both mine and Teri's, then jump in and make your own...Enjoy. You can download it here.


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Here's my version. I used the fabrics as listed in the pattern. So for all of you that I teased. S could be for September, but it could also be for... bright yellow Sunshine at the top of the S. Then a cloudless blue Sky, followed by the many shades of the Sea, right down to the white water of the Surf breaking on the golden Sand. The fact that my name starts with S and September is my birthday month has nothing to do with anything....Also for our Southern hemisphere's September is the start of Spring...It's easy I promise. Have fun.
I love it!!! Reba
Oooooooh when you get to it, I used an embroidery floss and did a big running stitch all around the S holding it in place. Much quicker and easier than doing a nice invisible slip stitch in the folded edge of the S. But you could machine or hand blanket stitch it on. It's up to you!

I know I'm slow! Here is mine and it's red hot!

Mine is S is for Sun, sunburn, sunrise, sunset, sun rays, and summertime! Here is what I used for my version:

Background for S  & Middle of Star 2663 Mirage Barn Red - Country Quilter's Candy

Top of S & Star Points 2674 Mirage Tea Dyed - Country Quilter's Candy

S & Background for Stars 3844 Starbright Gold - Pineberry

S, Middle of Star & Binding 2704 Sprinkle Carrot - Garden Quilter's Candy

S 3615 Roots Red Pepper - Garden Quilter's Candy

S & Star Points 3850 Poinsettia Petals Rosewood - Pineberry

It was my first stab at Reverse Applique and it wasn't as scary as I thought it would be. Don't tell Sue but I was kind of fun!


Oh wow, it's really groovy! Nothing like what I thought, except for the blue and green colours.

Now to find a dollar...

~Hopppy quilting~

Hi Susan and Teri..WOW!  That is quite spectacular,,,Very different, and I really like it...As I am a Pisces, and love blues, and the ocean...I will now download it, and get started...Can't wait until my DF sees it, and her thoughts on this one?  Thank you ladies for your wonderful works.  Anne
Hey Froggie, I can lend you $1.00!!  Anne
Wow it is beautiful Susan and Teri. Love it and thank you.


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