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Christmas is fast approaching and since we can't swap actual cookies I thought that we could at least swap our favorite recipes.  Please post your favorite Christmas Cookie recipe or recipes here so that we can all enjoy it.  :) 

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This swap sounds YUMMY!!!! Can't wait to see what everyone comes up with as I love cookies. Guess I'll have to dig out some recipes to share.
Oh this sounds yummy!!  i can't wait to try it!
Jennifer....both sound yummy!   I had told myself I wasn't making goodies this year, but you know what......I'll probably have to try all the recipes posted here......LOL
Uh oh sounds like i have opened up a pandora's box with this swap,,, lol
prepared pan?  does that mean that you grease the cookie sheet?
ok, thanks,, if i would have read the full instructions i would have seen that,, lol,,, i can't wait to try them,, i guess that means that we get to have cookies for breakfast!!
I've made this one, year round without the food coloring or extract and then we call them White Mountain Cookies!  You're right-Perfection!
I too have made something similar but without the extract and food coloring. Yummy!
Hey Ladies You are going to put me through TORTURE!  I Love Christmas Cookies - only this year my oven is not working & it sounds like I won't get it taken care of before Christmas so I guess I'll have to suffer through the hunger pains but no matter-I'll just save the recipes and have my own Christmas when my oven is fixed-even if it's JULY!  Put some really good recipes in girls!!
I saw that -- GREAT place to start!!  Yum-I can taste it already!
Do you have an electric roaster???  I used mine one time years ago when my oven broke and we couldn't get it fixed... if you think about it an oven is just a large box with heat,, just take the roaster pan out and put it on the right temp and use a smaller bakeing pan,, its works great!!
Great idea, Donna! I have a couple - will look them up and post them as soon as I can.


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