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BLOCK SWAP 21 ROW BY ROW QUILT SWAP November 2017 to ....(final date still to be set)

5 - 8 people
9" blocks chosen from the site patchworksquare.com
Each person is responsible for choosing a block design to be used to make a row. eg houses, tulips, Ohio star, card trick.......
1 coordinating colour to be used as background?? Decided by group
Each partisans makes the relevant number of blocks each 1/2 months and posts them to the other partisans...6 participants, make 6 blocks, keep 1 and post 1 to each other participant.
Every 1/2 months blocks for current row to be made and posted by 1st of month
Each person participating can ask for their blocks to be a set colour.... pastels, brights, blue and yellow, batiks, etc.

Finished quilt top would be 45", 54", 63" or 72" with borders to be added by individuals. Quilt could be lengthened by rows of sashing, rows of own, appliqué rows, etc.

I m happy to coordinate. If interested please reply, will post this in discussions for show of interest.

1. Megan Sawyer
2. Donna Coppin
3. Donna Rosengarten
4. Janice Young
5. Kathy Bertelsen

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Okay Megan I'm in My colors are pink & brown and if I have a choice on background I would prefer some type of beige.. Thank you for your reply-I understand a little more each time I read it! LOL

Sorry Megan,  I am tied up with International Quilt Festival Houston right now.  I will also be helping some of your fellow Australians get around Houston and surrounding areas.  Maybe I can get in on the next one!

Carol thank you for answering and I'm sure you will enjoy the festival

This sounds like a fabulous idea, Megan I really like the way you have it planned out. Unfortunately, I am unable to join in, just too many things going on for me right now. I hope you get a couple more people to sign up, it sounds like lots of fun. Good luck!

Sounds fun...  One question....by providing the pattern can one use from a favorite designer.   I love Jenny Doan.  Would that be ok.   I love to piece quilts, but I have not got to the stage that I can design blocks yet.

Megan are we gaining any participants? Donna
We are now 4
I think we can start with 4.
Kathy you don't need to design a block. All you need to do is pick a block that you think would look good repeated across a row.

My suggestion is we go with 4.
Small changes to original idea would be on the block rows each person makes 5 blocks. 3 for the swap with the rest of us and 2 for herself. That would mean you have 5 for your row making it 40"" across. A reasonable size when borders etc are added to make a single size quilt or small enough for a wall hanging.
To lengthen the quilt there are a number of ways. We can each decide on a pattern for a row twice or there are some other rows I can suggest we do.... Row of flying geese, row of 2" squares are some ideas.

I'll put one more group message out for extras with a final date a week from now.
In the meantime if you can each email me at megan.sawyer@bigpond.com with your name and address for posting blocks to , your colour preference/s for blocks and a block design name you would like to have as a row.
I will then pass on the relevant information to our small group by email. I suggest we look at the 1st of the month as the date for our blocks to be posted by ( 1st of December) being the first postal date.
Megan-sounds good to me okay I've decided to go scrappy (I know that's not what I said before) but I decided that would fit in for me better. So I am going. Scrappy. My 8 inch square will be a monkey wrench pattern. My mailing address is Donna Rosengarten. 16037 E 10500 N Road. Grant Park , IL 60940 and my email is dnnrosengarten@yahoo.com
This swap is now closed. Information has been sent to participants.
Wow. Great to be ahead of the game. I have one block finished right now so I will follow but a bit more slowly as I am recovering from surgery Enjoy the process to everyone...Donna R

Congratulations on being finished Donna.    Not quite there yet.   I have pulled the fabric I want to use and hopefully this weekend I will get them started.  Have a wonderful day


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