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I just picked up this pattern, was wondering if anyone else is working on it & what color scheme did you all use.  I saw one hanging in the quilt shop and was really drawn to the embroidery on it, but wasn't so thrilled with the neutral color combinations they used. 


Also, did you dig into your stash or go out & buy the recommedned yardage.

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I looked at it. I am not making it since I am already committed to the Over the River pattern but I love it. I liked the neutral colors and variagated thread but I bet it would also look stunning in other colors! if I were to make it I'm not sure what I would do!
I was thinking blues, then I was thinking winter burgundys & greens......oh the choices....
I bought this pattern but did not like the neutral scheme either. I thought of blues at first but then I choose a white tone on tone for the background and shades of grays (wintery prints and ombres) for the blocks. I also purchased variegated white to gray to charcoal embroidery thread.
I have just cut out the embroidery backgrounds and hope to start stitching soon. ( I'm working on a handpieced top right now and have vowed to finish it before starting another project.) Right?!!

hi, where do you buy the patterns with snowmen on them, they look lovely

Mariannne.......go to Crabapple Hill.....they have a lot of snowmen.

Love your color choices. I was thinking of blue winter prints. I really want to get started on this, but for the life of me, I cannot commit to a color scheme. My daugher & sister think shades of pinks with redwork stitching....???who knows??? hehehe
I bought the pattern and floss - and love it, but I don't like her fabric color choices as much.l  I suddenly got cold feet and decided to do one panel to see how long it would take me and if I liked the process enough before I bought all the fabric.  I ended up making this pillow from the panel - still not sure if I can see myself putting that many hours into the quilt... I do love the pattern though!

Love this idea!!! Nice embroidery work too. This would be a great accessory to the quilt.

I think I'll do a couple of pillows for mine, (once I get back to it after the holidays).

My next project will be trying to figure out how to get pictures onto this sight.

( I'm also looking at the quilt on the bed. Love those repros!!)     

Honestly, seeing your gorgeous pillow makes me want to make this quilt even more. Just can't commit to a color scheme for the fabric. And it's not something I would want to start & decide half way thru that I'd picked the wrong colors.
I hear you!  That is why this pillow exists - because that quilt is a very very big committment of time and money.  I still can't get a vision of the finished one.  If and when I do I may start it.  Have you heard of the Transfer Eze product?  It might help make the project a bit less time consuming...
Never heard of Transfer Eze, but after looking it up online, I think I might try it.
Me too.  I don't like to work in a hoop - so this sounds really neat to me.  Make sure to report back when you have some experience!


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