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What is your favorite pen or pencil to use for marking fabric for embroidery?

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So far it is a .005 Micron pen. Usually I try to get a color similar to the thread - if not, brown. Just never go over a line twice - too often you make a secondary line that you then have to deal with when stitching.
Yesterday I bought a marking pencil called a Sewline Marking Pencil that looks like a pen and has ceramic leads. I haven't tried it yet, but from what I saw on the sample at the shop, and have heard from my friends and the shop owner, it's a really great marking tool. The shop owner said that when she sells out the other marking tools, this will be the only one that she carries because she thinks it's so much better. The only adviso was that out of all of the different colored leads, that the yellow doesn't show up well. I got white and grey leads for mine.
The .005 Micron pen is my favorite to use when I have a lot of tracing to do when using a light box. I used it on my Merry Little Christmas quilt and that was A LOT of tracing!! I will keep my eye out for the Sewline Marking Pencil. I have never seen that pencil. I have some sort of pen that uses thin chalks in it that I like to use when marking quilts for quilting. I ordered it from Nancy's Notions and its called a Chalk Cartridge Set.
Recently I've used a water soluble fine line pen by Clover and also another pen called Mark-B-Gone in a Fine Point. Not sure who makes the Mark-B-Gone pen but I really like it on the current project I'm doing right now because I have alot of white on white embroidery I am doing and wanted to take my marks away. I just hope the blue doesn't come back to haunt me someday!! I had heard once that it would come back and then also been assured that it would not so time will only tell for me I guess!
Mary, you have to be careful not to let the blue pen marks get too warm, or they will not come out all of the way. We live in AZ, and my aunt (also a quilter) put hers in the car with her to go somewhere and it heat set into the fabrics. I've known others with the same issue, so heat will set it in permanently to one degree or another.
That is a great tip for me as I always take a baggie with something to stitch on when I go out. The current project I'm working on was traced with the water soluable pen. I leave the project at the office.
I used a fine Micron pen too.
A new product called Transfer Eze. Everybody at my embroidery club is using it. You copy your design on the copier, no writing on your fabric. When you are finished embroidering you wet it and it dissolves. No marks that won't wash out.
Just did a bit of snooping around about Transfer Eze - that really is interesting and looks well worth trying!  It would be a bit of a trick to scan the patterns and print them if they're bigger than a normal piece of paper - but I'd love to try.
I just did a google search and saw where someone tried the Transfer Eze; after they washed out the film of transfer eze they found their stitches were not as tight as they usually are so keep that in mind if you are going to try it.
You know it does sort of put me off the idea.  I guess there is not short-cut for marking.  Ah well.


I saw a towel someone did using the Transfer Eze after she took it off and it looked fine. She LOVES it and is doing a quilt now. I bought some to try and thought I would do a towel first to see for myself.

I hear great reviews on TE but have not tried it myself!


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