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Anyone run across a great place for wonderful info?  Just leave the link, etc, here.  No discussion, just the info.  If you want to leave a comment then use the main discussion page for that.  Tell us if you used the resources!



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You can check this out, subscribe to an e-mail from them, download their free first issue, and be apart of them through blogs, etc.

Hello, does anyone have any opinion on the softward Electric Quilt 7 - it came in my stocking and am wondering if I will be able to use it - dont want to open it if it has to go back to Amazon....I would welcome some straight talking opinions please - Many thanks Marianne UK

Marianne, I have EQ7 too.  Unfortunately, I just have not taken the time to learn it.  I had used EQ5, which I thought was an awful program to work with.  A friend uses EQ7 all the time and says it is very user friendly.  I have so many UFO's that I have been working on them instead of designing a new pattern.  One thing the program is good for is that it calculates the yardage needed.  Our grop makes and donates quilts for children so when we come up with a size and pattern, we can see if we have the right fabric on hand to make the kit for someone to sew together.  Hope this info helps you in making a decision.

Hello Myrna, A very Happy New Year and thanks for your reply.

I have never done any designing, I usually purchase a pattern or get it from a book or mag and then try to do it, I don't feel too confident about the process of designing - I still have not opened it, my husband says Oh just open it and try it, if it doesn't work, its not the end of the world, but us Women hate wasting any money and I could put that to an other use (is this your sentiment)?

Good Morning Marianne, One of my quilt buddies uses EQ7 and what she did was attend a class being offered at a Quilt Show. Before the class she was frustrated and really hadn't used it. I think it works better if you are computer literate (which I am not). Happy New Year and Happy Quilting.


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