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Please sign up if you are interested in a Dear Jane block exchange. We will be figuring out the details later. Of course, this is not binding. You can drop out at any time. Thank you.

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Yes I'll be glad to share some blocks.
Me too! Me too! I guess we will need to get mailing addresses, so if you want to send those to me, my email is sgatewood@charter.net That way, you all won't have to post your email address or snail mail address on the internet, and mine is already there! :)
I would like to exchange too....What about D 13 It looks like a great 'signature block'. It would be neat to have signed blocks from all over the world....wouldn't it?
Just some "Notes for Thought". I like hearing your ideas and am open to anything the group would like to do.

1. We could each send a block for the others' top. But ... do we make the blocks with the fabrics we each have at home? In this case, are we going to insert blocks with different backgrounds than the one we chose, which will be on most of our other blocks? Or are we each going to send the fabric of our choice so the other person can make a block and return it to us once it's done? Ok, the background in this case would be consistent with the rest of our quilt ... but won't all this posting be a mess?? Anything we decide is fine with me ... I just want you to be aware of what we might run into.
2. Another choice would be for us to make our own tops, so there's no fabric-trouble involved, and to use the exchange blocks on our backing. A backing with some decoration will look beautiful. I can almost visualize a backing with a straight row of blocks from my friends running accross it, interrupting the plain backing with a wonderful line of color, or the blocks recieved set in a square, like a mini-quilt, in the center of the backing. Or even a "splash" of these cute little blocks amidst our backing. Any setting would look nice. If we use our friend's blocks in the backing, it doesn't really matter at all if some fabrics are quite different from others. They will stand alone, as a nice memento of the persons who quilted along with us and helped us pull through cheering us along the way.
3. We don’t all have to do the same thing with the blocks we receive. If you’d rather, we can just let each person decide what she’ll do with her exchange blocks. I personally will be happy to attend “orders” LOL concerning what block you want and if you wanted done in your own fabric or mine.
4. Personally, I would like each "sender" to feel free to choose the block she likes best, and the fabric too. This is because I think her choices will somehow reflect her personality, or have a little story behind them, so it will be a more "personal" giving, and for me this will be touching.
5. However, if the others in the group like, we can choose a "standard exchange block". But, in this case, we would each end up with 10 or 12 different D-13 blocks. As I said, its fine with me ... I'm just mentioning it so you keep it in mind.
6. I think Edna has offered to make an A-6 for each of us. It's cute, it's simple, and it could be signed on ... It’s perfect with me too! (Ha, ha, Edna, now you can’t get away with it!)

Let's just keep coming up with ideas, like a brainstorming! It's nice to hear new suggestions. I'll be happy to go along with whatever the rest of you like, really, no problem at all! And no rush either, I’ve only done two blocks ... I’ll be around for some time still!
I feel a little dumb what does a block exchange involve?

Oh Diana, please don't fel dumb at all! Some of us think it would be a nice idea to make just one block for our friends who want to join. Like I sew a block from the Dear Jane Quilt and send it to you, just as a keepsake. You're free to add it to your quilt top, sew it on to your quilt back, make a pincushion out of it ... whatever you'd like. And I also sew and send blocks to the other members on the list. They, in turn, will be sending me a block. We're still trying to figure out how we want to arrange it so just keep posted. Being on the Discussion Forum is not binding, it's just to keep you informed. You can drop out when you come to the conclusion that we've gone crazy. It'll be all right, we'll still love you :)
Diana, I assume that once we decide how many want to participate in the exchange group....each person would send a block that she made, and signed (hopefully along with where you live...ie what state, country etc.) to each member in the group. You might end up with 5 or 10 or more signed blocks, which you can do what you want with. I will probably put mine onto the backing of my quilt (if it ever gets done!!!)
I think maybe the best way to handle the exchange would be for each of you to send the blocks to a central person and then that person distributes the package of all blocks to each participant. I would be more than happy to do this. So, if we have 15 people participating, you'd send me 14 blocks,remember you are one of the people. Then I'd make 15 packages, each having one of the 14 blocks from the other people. And I'd mail them to you. I would like for them to be signed, dated, with your city, state, country. What are your ideas? I would be thrilled to have blocks made by my new friends on my quilt. Since I already have my top completed, they would go onto the back. It would make me so happy to see them there. If someone knows of a better way to do this, I'm open to suggestions, I was just trying to think of how to make it easy for everyone.
Have I told you lately how happy I am that we have this little international group of crazy Jane people? Carmen has already sent me her snail mail address. I will email you all my address when I receive yours, I'd rather not post my real address for the world to see. :) They already have my email! LOL
How do we send each other our email and mailing addresses without them showing up on the entire site?
Send me your snail mail address and I will put you on the list. I will send you my address when we are ready to send the blocks.
Oh, I forgot, it's not like we are in any big hurry, I have been working on my Dear Jane for at least 10 years! But the end is in sight! Maybe I'll get another triangle done tonight! I'll keep you posted!
Hi everyone! Yes, I am interested in doing the block exchange. Sign me up.
I vote that we choose a block to sew and sign using our own fabrics for the back of everyone's quilt.


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