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Please sign up if you are interested in a Dear Jane block exchange. We will be figuring out the details later. Of course, this is not binding. You can drop out at any time. Thank you.

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OK, I have to tell the truth... I have been making my exchange blocks this weekend, and I have to throw away two of them. :( They are the wrong size. Can you believe that? After all the talk with Carmen and the printer and the size, etc., etc. I printed my patterns from a different computer and I didn't check the printer. DUH, I didn't realize I had a problem until after I had made the second one. They are 4 3/4 inches instead of 5 inches. Hum... maybe I can make pincushions out of them. At least they wouldn't be wasted. :) And you all thought I was so perfect...NOT...now you know. :) i can screw up too!
Hey Susan, don't redo mine ... I'll be happy to take a 4 3/4 inch block! We can make up for it with the sashing, I'm serious. I already have two blocks like this one ... before I set my printer properly, remember? It's perfectly ok. You are perfectly ok too. Love you.
Susan STOP!!! I agree with Carmen. Don't throw them out. Send me one. I can add to it if it goes on the front and if it goes on the back then it doesn't matter. So very glad to hear you are not perfect. Might try quilting today.It's been a week and I'm getting antsy to get back at it. Still taking pain pills every 3-4hrs. though and they have a tendency to make me dopey so I'll see.

Carmen! A weekend alone with your husband and no snow!Hope you enjoyed it enough for all of us snow bound friends.

Anne , I'm glad that you cleared up that you also had pants on. For a minute there I wondered what kind of friend I had made.

Have a good day ladies.
Yes, I was sort of relieved when I read about the pants on too. LOL.

This retreat is getting very scarry! Anne almost makes us think she doesn't wear clothes, you pitch blocks around the room, you all watch strange things on TV ... and now it works out Susan isn't perfect. I'm shaking.

Diane, I already told you what we did when we got caught up in a snow storm for 4 days. The snow is not the problem ... its the kids interrupting all the time. LOL. I know you made a try with Edna, sending them over to her place for some days, and it didn't work. If you think of anything else that does work, I hope you share it with me.

I'm getting very excited about the exchange blocks!! Can't wait to see them.
I'm getting ready to pack up my blocks and send them to Susan. I don't want to let them go. They're not perfect, but they're mine----soon to be yours. You have to promise to take good care of them. They are my babies.
Janet, I can't wait to see them! Remeber, you are receiving our babies in turn. It's going to be sooo nice, having one from each of you. I'm thinking of putting them into my top ... that will be 9 blocks less to finish!! LOL
Took my blocks to the post office. Mailed them. Their fate is up to the USPS now.
Hello Ladies
I just wrote a message and erased it before sending it Booh !
So I wanted to tell you that I had no computer . The hard disk broke so I have lost most of my files
except old photos ( saved apart) but DJ scans, music, bookmarks, recipes are gone. May be more I don't imagine now My genealogy is safe on line so I can get it back.
I finished 2 exhange blocks and one more is a little small. I read it may be fine for some of you so
I could send it too. Tell me.
3 or 4 are cut and ready to sew. Carmen, yours is cut and ready to sew too.
Will I send you directly or you would prefer to receive a nice packet of 9 blocks from Susan. telle me too.
Spring in here in Paris, It's okay for me. I hope it is spring by you, too.
Good evening
Send the blocks to me. That way each person will receive a nice package. I will resend my address to you. Sorry about your computer. That happened to me one time and now I back up things that are important to me frequently. It was a hard lesson learned.
Yolande, as Susan says, send all the blocks to her and she will redirection them all.

I'm so happy about receiving them!! I will send your's through Susan too. This way we only send one package and receive one package ... because we are putting all the work on Susan!
Any size is good for me, because I am putting them on the back. I'm getting excited too. This wil be so much fun. Thank you Carmen for thinking of it!!!!
Any Block is good for me. I know you must have the instructions on here, but no time to look. What do we sign other than our name? Getting ready to send 9 to Susan. Yeah! Thanks Elaine


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