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Please sign up if you are interested in a Dear Jane block exchange. We will be figuring out the details later. Of course, this is not binding. You can drop out at any time. Thank you.

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I signed mine with my name, city, state, country, and date.
Name, city, state, country, and date. I just put March 2009 on mine but some have March 31, 2009. Can't wait to get them. :) Opps, I didn't see that Janet had already responded. Looks like we agree! LOL
Susan how much money should I send to you for mailing all these blocks out to us? Things are looking up and I am hoping to get mine done on the weekend and mail on Mon. Thanks for you all being so understanding!!!
Since you are out of the country, I don't think you can send me money. But not to worry, I have a jar full of change that I will use and no body will miss it. LOL


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