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So nice! I was wondering where you were...making blocks, I should have known. They are really beautiful...i see a little of Edna's influence there. GBS (Great Big Smile)
Six more blocks completed. Pictured are F-4, F-3, K-12, G-4, D-3, and D-4. I paper pieced F-4, F-3, K-12, and G-4. Easy ones!! D-3 was appliqued, and D-4 was a combination of piecing and applique.
Janet (52, 0, 0, 930, 5)

Absolutely beautiful!
Janet, you're on fire! I love the fabrics you are using, and the color combinations when you stray from your background fabric. Your gingham sun is really pretty! Edna
Time to party!!! I've passed the 1,000 pieces mark. Pictured are H-1, H-3, H-5, H-13, C-11, and K-7. The first four were easy paper piecing blocks. C-11 and K-7 are applique. Applique is getting easier for me. Experience, I guess. Edna, I tried some of your photography suggestions; we'll see if that makes a difference.
Janet ( 58, 0, 0, 1023, 6)


Good job! Your applique looks great! I love how you fussy cut K-7 with the curly-cues. Congratulations on surpassing 1,000 pieces!
They are wonderful!!!!!!!! Great job! I especially like C-11.
Very nice, Janet! And congrats on passing the 1000 piece mark! As Jackie said, the fussy-cutting on K-7 is great! The purple-tan combo on C-11 is sweet. Edna
Wow Janet! Where's the party?? You didn't even cheat on C-11 like I did. One gets braver as our skills improve, right? They are going to look spectacular when you put them all together!
Pictured are A-12, C-10, D-5, A-3, H-10, and H-9. I paper pieced A-12, C-10, D-5, and H-10. Easy ! A piece of cake! I followed the directions on That Quilt for A-3; rather an involved applique block, but I was pleased with the results. I was really excited to finish paper piecing H-9 that I almost forgot to add (applique) the diamonds. Another six to add to my count!
Janet (64, 0, 0, 1177, 6)

They are beautiful! Good job! No, Great job!
These are very nice, Janet. I especially like C-10 and D-5. I can't help but notice that 5 out of 6 have print backgrounds... Prints always play well with others. Edna


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