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Dear Jane Blocks

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Hello all you Dear Jane quilters!  I am just starting my quilt, let the journey begin...
Welcome, Debra!  Post pics of your blocks when you're ready,
In case you're interested!

Well done , Congratulations Janet 

I'm sure you've done almost of the triangles and will show them soon.

I hope I could you show mine (without triangles)at the end of this summer , 11 blocks to do, and 3 sides of triangles.

Did you check your outside lining it have to be 1/4 inch instead of 1/2 inch between rows

if you add the triangles ? 

Have a nice day 



Thanks, Yolande!  I'm glad you're still working on your Dear Jane!  And I'd love to see your quilt!

I do have most of the triangles done, and I'm planning to work on the bottom left corner today.  I also want to choose the fabrics for the plain triangles. 

I cut the fabric for that skinny border before I added the lattice strips to my blocks, so that's ready to go.  And yes it's cut to be 1/4" finished.  I'm not looking forward to sewing that to the quilt.  It's getting quite large as it is (and heavy!).


I'll be watching for your pics!

Have a good day!




Wow! I'm wordless.


It really makes me feel like pulling out my DJ again and getting some work done on it,


But you know, it took Susan what, 7 years? to finish hers? So maybe I can still procrastinate a bit LOL.


Its simply beautiful. Congratulations. I love it.


Remember what hard times when we started?? I still cant do a Hunter's Moon. I hate that little monster!

Thank you, Carmen!  It's so good to see you again! 

Please do!  Pull out your Dear Jane and we can sew together again!  Send me your fabric and I'll do Hunter's Moon for you.  I still have lots to do.  And I am planning to machine quilt my Dear Jane myself.  So I am nearly halfway done with DJ.

Congratulations, Janet. Your quilt is absolutely beautiful! I loved seeing when you posted pictures of the individual blocks, but seeing it all put together is so much better.  Thanks for sharing.

Thank you, Jackie!  What surprised me was that after working on all the small individual blocks and triangles, how large the quilt will be!  It's as large as a queen size bed--although I'd never use it as a bedspread because of the dogs.

We've had a new puppy at home this winter. He ate my beautiful "Norwegian Handknits" book one night. I wonder if he's learned how to knit and will be making sweaters for us this winter LOL. But he's sooooooooooo cute!

A puppy!  How nice!   They're so soft and cuddly.  I love puppies, except for the housetraining bit.

Quite a few years ago we got a puppy in the winter time.  Remember that Wisconsin winters are very cold and snowy.  We had a really hard time housetraining her.  I guess she preferred to do her business inside where it was warm. LOL  Her name was Bess, and I loved that little dog.  She died when she was only six.

Try teaching your puppy to sew.  My, Leroy, lays under my sewing machine whenever I'm working on my DJ.   Every now and again he plunks down on the foot control and he sews by himself.   Sometimes he sticks to me like glue.  He has to be wherever I am.


Speaking of DJ.................  Have you started on any new blocks?

uummm .... I pulled out my material. Does that sort of count as a re-start?? LOL


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