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Dear Jane Blocks

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Pictured are F-5, F-9, F-11, F-12, G-2, and G-10. F-5, F-9, F-11, and F-12 were all done with a combination of piecing and applique. G-2 and G-10 were paper pieced.
Janet (106, 0, 0, 2214)

Janet, they are beautiful! You are doing a superb job! Excellent work!
To put it simply ... I'm plain jealous! They're beautiful Janet! Congratulations on such a disciplined attitude.
Your blocks look beautiful. I particularly like F-11 and the contrast with the dark fabric. I am glad to see that you are continuing to work on your blocks. Congratulations!
Pictured are G-1, G-3, G-5, G-6, G-9, and L-9. G-1 and G-5 were done with a combination of piecing and applique. G-3 was all applique done by following the instructions on thatquilt.com. G-6 really gave me problems. For my third attempt, I paper pieced G-6 using Susan's wonderful .pdf paper piecing pattern. The little star is only a little crooked. G-9 and L-9 were both easy paper piecing blocks. Despite the way the line drawing for L-9 looks, it does turn out looking like the picture of Jane's block.
Janet (112, 0, 0, 2326)

Beautiful, Janet, just beautiful. Your colors and backgrounds look great together. Love the yellow on G-5! Having 112 blocks completed is impressive.
Oh, you have made me so proud. Not everyone will try the little star. Wonderful, wonderful!
Well, Janet, you are really progressing on your quilt. How many times have I said I have to get back to mine?? Your little star is not crooked ... it's "dancing"! I found you made your picture so it can be enlarged, and your seams are wonderful. Congratulations on such nice work!
Another six blocks to add to my collection. Pictured are: G-7, a combination of applique and paper piecing; G-11, I paper pieced the diamonds and then pieced the nine patch; G-8, I added some seam lines and paper pieced the entire block; G-12, I paper pieced the border and then appliqued the star shapes to the background; H-2, I paper pieced the entire block by adding seams to the corners, and H-7, an easy paper pieced block.
Janet (118, 0, 0, 2463)

wow! you go girl!
I am so impressed Janet. Interesting colours (or colors for all my American friends) and fabrics.

I love seeing the new blocks you have done. Thanks for posting them. Beautiful as usual.


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