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Dear Jane Blocks

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I'm glad I could provide the inspiration needed for you to get back to your Dear Jane! It would really be nice if you could post pictures of your blocks. Lately I am getting the feeling that I am the only one still working on Dear Jane.
One of these days I'll get my blocks scanned and post them. But who knows when! Meanwhile, I did two more blocks this evening! So, thanks again for the inspiration.
Your blocks are outstanding, as usual, Janet. I love your color choices. I'm glad you like I-9, too, because it's one of my favorites of the whole quilt.
Woo Hoo! You go Janet! Your newest blocks are outstanding. I think they are all perfect!
Here are my latest blocks: I-10, I-11, I-13, J-1, J-2, and J-3. I-10, I-13, and J-2 were paper pieced. On block I-11, I paper pieced the four squares and then added the diamonds using reverse applique. J-1 was all applique. And for J-3, I appliqued the center square and did freezer paper foundation piecing for the corners.
Janet (135, 0, 0, 3209)

Janet, They are absolutely beautiful!
I love your blocks, Janet. Your applique on J-1 and those pointy diamonds looks wonderful. Did you use reverse applique on them as you did on I-11? Your fabric on J-3 is so interesting with the stripe fabric on the center piece. Good job, as usual! Thanks for sharing.
Yes, I'm still working on my DJ blocks, although I've slowed down quite a bit with all my other projects in the works. Pictured below are J-5, J-8, J-10, J-11, J-13, and K-1. There's quite a bit of applique in this group. I paper pieced most of J-5, and then appliqued the tops of the cones to the block. I don't know why, but this block was quite challenging for me. J-8 is an easy paper pieced block with four tiny melons added to the corners. J-10, Ughh!!! All applique. 16 melons! I'm getting better at applique! J-11 was easy after completing J-8. Those melons seemed huge! J-13 is another easy paper pieced block with teardrops appliqued to the sides of the center square. And K-1, and easy paper pieced block, was a relief to do after all that applique!

Janet, They are so beautiful. I think I remember J5 being a challenge for me too. It took me a while to figure out how to do it. Great job.
The next six blocks.......................................all were paper pieced with the exception of K-5 (if I had used my head, it should have been totally paper pieced instead of appliqued). Pictured are K-4, K-5, K-6, K-8, K-10, and K-11.

Beautiful! You do such lovely work!
Your blocks are beautifully done. Good job on the directional fabrics! They are always a challenge. I'm so glad to see that you are continuing to work on DJ.


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