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Dear Jane Blocks

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Great job!!!!!
Hey Janet! Good girl! I love those tiny red flowers! They look really pretty.
It's great to have you here, it was getting sort of lonely.
You finally got rid of the 0,0,0,0! It feels good, doesn't it?
I went through K, 1-12, five years of University and two more years of grad school for a Master's degree ... without ever hitting a 0. And I land here and Susan throws FOUR of them in a row all at once! LOL. It was tough. A great cure of humbleness!
I thought cutting each block on its own would be boring, but it really isn't. And the sewing goes fast on these easy ones. It's great fun.
I have to warn you ... and I hope everyone reads this ... I think I didn't do the right thing. I think we can only post three attachments on our Discussion Forum, so maybe it will be best to add the picture in the top dialogue box, where we write our text. Check and see ... I got stuck yesterday trying to upload my 4th block and I think maybe this is the cause.
Keep up with the good work.
DJ Block A-6 Uncle Homer

DJ Block M-5 Mother's Point

Look at my M-5 ... I set the four patch in the wrong direction. I'm wondering if I should take it apart and fix it. The proper setting stresses the diagonals. Do you think I should fix it?
DJ Block A-8 Florence Nightingale

DJ Block B-4 Chris's Soccer Field

DJ Block Simple Simon

Janet, your count is really rising now!!
I haven't been getting notices on anyone posting here, not even you uploading anything, which is why I didn't drop by. But I start reading about your work and look in here and OMG ... blocks and blocks! Congratulations.
Wow Janet! You are sailing along! You were 'quiet' on the weekend....guess you were busy sewing!
I find I'm at this computer more now...and NOT sewing as much!
Your blocks look great!!
Good Grief Janet. Who lit a fire under you. I'm with Anne I need to spend less time on the computer and more time sewing. I had 9 women here today sewing from10a.m. until3p.m. but we were all doing our own thing. I showed them my Dear Jane blocks but they weren't impressed. They thought I was nuts. Oh well to each their own. Keep up the fabulous work.
Carol Miller, "Quilt University", teaches a class called "Jane Was Nuts". It's pretty funny. Just remember, you're in good company!


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