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Dear Jane Blocks

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Sadly to say, I haven't quilted on it for a while. Been busy teaching at the local quilt shop. And, sewing with my bee. And, playing with my 6 adorable grandchildren. Yada, yada, yada. When the weather turns cooler here, I promise I will finish it. This year! It has been so hot. In our area we have broken all kinds of records with the terrible heat. It had been as hot as 113, and that is the temperature, not the heat index. It has been miserable. All of the corn fields around us are dead. I feel for the farmers. I feel so fortunate to have air conditioning and am able to pay my electric bill!
Janet, I am so impressed with your blocks, especially L-10. Your L-10 puts mine to shame. Congratulations! Only 7 (Well, maybe just 6 and four teeny, tiny triangles) until the center 165 blocks are completed.Thanks for sharing them.
My final installment of blocks! Pictured are L-12, M-3, M-4, M-6, M-7, M-8, M-9, M-11, and M-13. I have finished the center of my quilt!! L-12, M-4, M-8, M-9, and M-11 were paper pieced. M-6 and M-3 are a combination of paper piecing and applique. And M-7 and M-13 are all applique. I need to sew strips to these blocks and then sew the blocks into rows and join the rows to form the bottom of my quilt. When that is done I'll know for sure that I have 169 blocks completed. Somewhere along the way I've lost track of my block numbers.

Janet, I'm so impressed with your blocks. I think your M-3 is beautiful! I love your fabric choices. Good job.
Wow. You have inspired me to go on. I was getting discouraged but when I see the beautiful job you've done, I want to get back at it. Fabulous work!

TR Triangles

(Note:  I accidentally cut a notch in TR6 as I was trimming the applique. This will be fixed!)

Hi Janet

Your blocks are beautiful




Thank you, Yolande!  How is your Dear Jane coming along?  Have you finished the center blocks?

I had some problems with appliqué last year because I'm not quite at ease  , so I started triangles , made 7 and now with this new year prepared new blocks. I made 4 yesterday (I was on holidays). 8 first rows are done 

I have 43  blocks to do plus  triangles and I am very pleased to go on 

so now



I know what you mean about the applique.  Applique is not my favorite!  I'd much rather piece or paper piece the blocks.  When I first started my DJ I skipped all of the applique blocks for the first month or so.  Now I just grit my teeth and do them! 


I am sewing the triangles in order--starting at the top left and moving clockwise around the quilt. That way I won't have all the difficult ones to do at the end.  Right now I am working on RS3, and that is one of real hard ones.  A lot of applique! 


I am hoping to finish all of the triangles this spring, and maybe start quilting this summer. (Unless I get sidetracked!)


I'd love to see photos of all of your triangles! ( I saw some of them on your page.)  Do you plan to quilt your DJ yourself?


Janet (169, 15, 0, 4432)

I'll post photos on my triangles, like you I started from the top row.

I 'll try to sew some blocks each week but I have other works in progress and I am very tempted by a lot of bow or bom I see on blogs.

Like civil war quilts by Barbara Brackman.

I won't quilt it myself, It will take too much time of my life and I prefer making tops.

I think I will send my DJ to be quilted by a french lady who brought back her long arm machine when she returned home near Paris 2 Years ago 

I saw photos of a DJ she quilted and It is fine. She's also sewing her DJ 


And what about your quilting ?

Good evening 


Yolande, thank you for the link to the photos of the Dear Jane Quilt.  I love looking at these pictures.  Looking at each block brings back fond memories of my DJ blocks.  I haven't looked at my DJ blocks in quite some time as I have the center blocks that I've sewn together hanging in my closet (wrapped in a sheet).  I am so looking forward to taking them all out to display.  I probably will machine quilt my DJ.  I've machine quilted several other quilts on my regular sewing machine.  Dear Jane will  take a long time to quilt, but it will be worth it.


Right now I'm also working on my Civil War Tribute Quilt.  I'm doing it as a BOM from Homestead Hearth.  I just received my 12th (and final) month's fabric pack.  I haven't quite kept up with the blocks for each month--I'm about 3 blocks behind.  But this quilt top probably will be ready to be quilted this spring.  Here's a link to it from Keepsake Quilting:




What other quilts are you working on?

Are you still working at the library?  Libraries are one of my favorite places.


What's your weather like there?  Here it is cold and snowy.

22.5°F at 2:46 PM



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