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Dear Jane Blocks

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We had snow at Christmas and all Europe was caught under snow. Cold also 

_5° , 22°F . Plants and trees bent under the snow.

Today was almost sunny and 53,6 F , but cold is coming back.

I'm sewing a BOM but no surprise a friend of mine gave me all the patterns.

All my club is sewing it. Colours looks like civil war. I"ll post photos.

It is a  french pattern  like this. Very easy to sew watching TV.

Nice isn't it ? 

I need to  finish the border of  a small spool quilt, to sew 2 blocks to finish a bigger top and I had to find  between strips and borders.

and so on

yes I'm still working at the library. I buy craft books,  cook books, foreign language, audio books and my main occupation is to dispatch periodicals.

I like very much being with people, answer at enquiries.

Tomorrow  I will post some photos 

Good evening



More triangles! 


They are BEAUTIFUL!  You have done such a great job. 


Thank you, Susan!  I am excited to be halfway done with the triangles! 


How are you?  I've noticed that you are updating your site.  I check it frequently for inspiration!

Hi Janet

Your triangles are beautiful, a lot of inspiration for me


Thank you, Yolande!  I plan to finish the top and start quilting this summer.


I do love your BOM quilt! Did you hand piece it while watching TV?  I knit while watching TV.

Yes  I do and I wish  could do my DJ blocks this way but I think they are too small.

I will start some appliqué, I bought a magnifiyng lamp, small pins and go.


What will you use for backing ?  Original DJ was in muslin but I saw beautiful prints 108"

wide,  blue or red/brown . I am very tempted and it would be fine if machine quilted.

May be muslin would be thiner than regular fabric if you hand quilt.

Will you hand quilt or machine quilt ? I don't know if regular machines are high and wide enough to  contain a rolled quilt.



Your triangles are beautiful! I'm impressed that you did RS6 Tumbling Blocks in order. I put it off to the very end. I love your choice of fabrics. Good job.

Almost done!

Bravo !



WOW! They are wonderful!!!!!!!

Thanks so much for sharing pictures of your blocks with us. You have done a beautiful job, as usual. Keep up the good work.


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