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I got my 1st 3 done!

1st Block - F3, 2nd Block C3, 3rd - K12

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Oh, I'm so glad that someone else is posting pictures of their Dear Jane blocks! Yippeee!!

Jennifer, these blocks look great! You've made a good start on your DJ. And I love the fabric that you've used on K-12!
I too especially like K-12. I didn't even think of doing blocks out of order....LOL. Guess that's what I get for doing a block of the month and following someone else's directions. Keep up the good work. btw, I like the white with these blocks.
So Pretty!!!

If only I had known there was going to be a CD with paper Piecing for this back in '96 or '97, I might be further along. All my blocks are cut out and marked and some are even sewn together where they will live, but lots are still in their little baggies waiting for my attention. I don't remember which one I'm working on right now, but it's nearly finished.

After I count how many I have done, I'll post a few just for kicks.

Cool today - only 85°. We have been over° for 3 weeks!

Here are my 4 newest ones! I'm loving making these blocks. It's so much fun.

F4 - Old Windmill - I messed this one up a teeny bit, but it's not noticeable to anyone but me. I misplaced the large white rectangle in the center by about 4 mm from the line to sew on, but its ok.

Here's my D6 - Challenge. The only real challenge with this block was picking out the fabric that I wanted to fussy cut for the center. I finally settled on this gorgeous (in my opinion) flower.

A8 - Florence Nightingale - Decided that I needed some lighter fabric in my DJ quilt and picked this bubble fabric. So far, I've been opening up my fabric stash and just using my scraps since I couldn't decide on a real theme for my DJ. And then I noticed that the majority of my fabrics I'd picked were a little dark, so I lightened up a bit!

A6 - Uncle Homer - I loved this fabric and just cut into it, though I've had my yardage for over a year.

Wow! You're making good progress on your DJ blocks! I love the way you fussy cut the fabric for D-6. I wish I'd thought of that. I just did mine plain. And Uncle Homer has never looked so fine! I love that fabric!
Here are some more that I've finished in the last two weeks:
D 7 - Meeting Place

F2 - Kaleidoscope

H1 - Peek A Boo

C8 - Hani's Crown

A5 - Cathie's Campfire

I1 - Frank and Neldas Wedding

I9 - Chase a Myth

Bottom Row Triangle:

L9 - one of my all time favorite fabrics

Here are some more! I'm now at level SILVER!! I've hit over 25 blocks!
D1 - Alison's Guiding Light


I think it's E5.. could be e3



E8 - I missed 2 little squares, I colored them white not pink.. but it looks ok


G4 - Shutterbug


H5 - Michael's Motorcycle

L.. something..


L4 - St. Georges Cross



K4 - Thea's Turn

J.. something

I2 - Kaye's Courtyard

I3 - Family Album

I just made my own website for my Dear Jane Journey. If you'd like to visit it would be really nice.
Good job on your blocks. It is so good to see your enthusiasm about your Dear Jane. Keep up the good work.
Jennifer, your blocks look beautiful! And you're really making good progress. I checked out your website, and I think that's a great idea! I wish I'd thought of that when I began my journey. Maybe it's a good thing that I didn't because I spend way too much time on the computer as it is.



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