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I am opening this forum for those in the Dear Jane group, who want to learn Electric Quilt, by drafting the blocks in the Farmer's Wife Sampler quilt.

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I have heard that most of the blocks for the FarmersSampler are in either DJ EQ or EQ block base. I only have DJ EQ and EQ6, I'm not ready anyway. Maybe next year. Just so ya'll know.
EQ 6 is installed on my laptop, and I've successfully completed the first half of Lesson One. Slow and steady wins the race! (I know this isn't a race, but............................) Coffee break is over, and it's time to finish Lesson One.
hurrah for you! I'm so proud!
I am using EQ but the first block I did came out smaller than it should. So I went back to piecing. I need to figure out the kinks
What was the block that you did? Did you print out templates or paper foundation patterns?
Just ordered my Farmers Wife book/CD. Won't start it until I finish the top of my DJ. It'll take a while to arrive here anyway. Almost finished the triangles and worrying about how to do the scalloped edges. Might have to get in touch about that.
Susan, I have an EQ 6 question. I'm not sure how to phrase this, but what I want to know is this: Will EQ 6 allow me to draw and print foundation patterns for half square and quarter square triangles? Triangulations is recommended for another quilt that I'm doing, and I was wondering if by purchasing Triangulations I would be duplicating the information that I already have on EQ 6. I must confess that I'm still on Lesson Two in EQ 6 and moving along slowly. There are not enough hours in the day..........................it seems that if I work on DJ I don't have time for learning EQ 6. And if I do the lessons in EQ 6 I don't have time to sew on Dear Jane! I've been adding the sashing strips to DJ blocks and haven't sewn a new block in weeks, October 13, to be exact. I don't think I'm going to reach my goal!
Yes, you can print the foundation patterns from EQ. If you need help, let me know. I understand about our goal, I'm trying to finish up a few projects before I get back to quilting my Jane, because once I start, that is all I will want to do. It will be ok if we don;t meet our goal, we can just extend it out a little further. LOL
I got my Farmer's Wife book! I love the quilt, but have soooo many hibernating projects that I'm working on, all of a different style, that I really cant envision a style for this one. I think my eyes and mind are too jammed up with prints and colors. What do you suggest? Any important tips to keep in mind for selecting fabrics for this project? The minute I "see" it in my mind I can get to work on it. EQ 6 OMG ... where do I start?? Lesson 1?? I remember it being so slow LOL.

Janet ... I'm sure you'll hit your goal with DJ. But, just in case, I'm going to send you some sweets to boost your spirits! No excuse now LOL.
Carmen, just reading your comments here on Dear Jane Plus brings a sweetness to boost my spirits. What I suggest is that you keep on with your EQ 6 lessons. I know, I know, they aren't that exciting, but we have to learn the basics if we're to move on to the more important stuff. I don't plan on starting the Farmer's Wife Quilt anytime soon, but I do want to learn how to make foundation paper piecing patterns. And if Susan is willing to help.......

I've spent the last month sewing the lattice or sashing strips to my Dear Jane. Do I get to count all of these strips and cornerstones in my signature?
Of course you do!! Actually, I'd be disappointed if you didn't add each and every piece to your signature. One month sewing strips and cornerstones!! Your signature deserves a boost!
Hi Ladies
I just received my copy of Farmer's Wife book today and I think the cd is very poor.
How can they publish that ! Why not a cd like DJ ?
Because I don't have EQ , I will use Susan's pdf files (Thank you Susan).
I 'll wait until my DJ is finished ( ??) to start and I will have time to think of colours.
Have a nice evening to all and buenas noces Carmen


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