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I am opening this forum for those in the Dear Jane group, who want to learn Electric Quilt, by drafting the blocks in the Farmer's Wife Sampler quilt.

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Not a problem, Yolande, we will post the .pdf files for you. :)
It's soooo nice to have you join us here too.
I haven't even found time to see the cd, but I read some of the letters from farmer's wives the other night and ... I want to live on a farm!!! These ladies really had a character.
I looked thorugh my stash and found some creams, browns and deep reds that might look good on this quilt. But I still have to give it a thought.
Yolanda! Below is a pdf of the templates all combined into alot less pages, that my hubby & I did. You will end up with 14 pages this way, but alot better than one per page. Enjoy!

Susan, if you need to post this on here anywhere else, so anyone can find it & use them, please feel free to!

(I believe I only missed getting one template on here, & it is a reversed one, so just reverse the co-ordinating one, & that should work! Or, you can print if off your own CD, if you prefer.....)
Thank you all,
I did not see your answers before now.
I'll be glad to work on bigger blocks than DJ,
I have been making up a folder for these pdfs from DJ & now this one! Not having EQ, since it don't work on Macs, it's really nice to have the pdfs to save! Love this first one you did, Susan! I tried piecing it & it just doesn't work, & come out the right size anyway, lol. Now I can try it this way, yeah! Love this block, it's one of my favorites!...
Nancy, I did one in QuiltPro too. Have you tried it there? Not as easy as EQ, but certainly doable. One of the segments doesn't have the 1/4 seam allowance, I don't know why. :)
I, unfortunately, broke my Fw cd. I forgot to put it in a cd box and fold the back of the book , and
th cd broke.
I'm not so sad because it was really poor. When I run it once I did not notice if there was more than pdf files on it.
If not, there is no problem because I know Nancy gave us these pdf and Susan has EQ6 pdf.
Could you tell me if I really miss something without the cd.
Thank you
I haven't even opened the cd! LOL I'll check it out for you amd let you know.
Good afternoon, after trying block #2 for me out of this book, I have to say, the raw finished blocks come out 5.25 to 5.5, & not 6.5, with a finish of 6in. So, for those of you doing them in EQ, you may want to try at least one, using the templates, then decide on a finished size to go by, from that. I was very careful when I did these two & my seams were acurate, so, using templates provided, there is no way they are going to come out larger... I want to do them anyway, just going with the smaller size, & I am okay with that. DH says, they must have been off, when they figured out the finished sizes for these blocks, using their templates, & I agree! Just want to forewarn everyone.....
a friend brought over the Farmers Wife book for me. Looking forward to starting it but will finish my DJ first. Just two more kites to go, attaching the rows and boarders.
Good for you! It won't take you long now. Congratulations!
Susan, I've figured out how to draft foundation patterns for Farmer's Wife using EQ 6. I've made and printed the foundation pattern for #26 Cut Glass Dish. How do I put it into a pdf file? I googled pdf files and got a lot of options. What's the best and easiest way to do it?


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