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What is your opinion on binding by bringing the backing fabric over to the front?

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I've done it with a couple quilts.  I like how it looks.  I think that's what great about quilting, you do can do just about anything you set your mind to do.  It's your creativity that gives it your "special" touch.  I've also added binding to the back and brought it to the front and used decorative stitching to hold it to the front.

Well done Mary Alice.  If you have a picture on your computer you can click on the second icon above and show it to all of us.

This isn't my favorite way to finish off a quilt.  I like to apply binding and hand sew it down, so I don't use this option.

I've also done a few quilts with this method. It's easy and quick if you have enough backing fabric all around the top. I also like to roll the excess batting a bit so that the border is loftier and rounder, easy to grab, and makes like a kind of frame around the quilt as if it were a picture. If you look at my page, numbers 2, 8,9 10 and 12 are done this way.

Like you Jan I like to apply the binding and hand sew it down too. I just finished my third baby quilt but none are the F&F method.  I don't quilt them - a friend does them for me.  He says it gives him something to do.

I have not ever tried the way you do it Ana Maria.  I am going to take a look at your page and see just what you mean.

You have some lovely work posted Ana Maria.  It is a bit difficult to see the borders but I can imagine what you are describing and it is a great idea. 

This is my preferred method of binding. When I trim the batting I fold the backing out of the way. I then trim the backing leaving 1" on all sides. By folding your corners at a right angle inside the next side, it's easy to get great mitred corners, too, and it is so much faster. I sew close to the edge of the fabric. I don't like this method if the backing is the same as the outside border.


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