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I'm not a newbie to quilting, but am one to this technique. I jumped on CT site the other day and your video was being advertised. Until then, I had never seen this technique, and I had no idea there were groups, videos and/or instructions. I've just been purchasing fabric, etc.   I suggest "Quilt With Us" have a button of its own at the top of the page to solve that problem for others. Anyway, I finally found everything by poking around. (I'm a 67 year old "techno-dinosaur"!) Got to say the video was wonderful and the technique thrilled me.  I'm creating a nap quilt (roughly 4x5') for my father who resides in a nursing home. I want to do this technique cause its "fast and furious."  And I don't want to create my usual hand quilted wonders because there is a theft problem at the home and it would kill me to spend ages on a quilt that got ripped off!

The only question I had after seeing the video was "can/should I use my "walking foot" to sew through the 3 layers (2 cottons and Warm & Natural middle) in order to help prevent layer slipping?

Second, I saw a discussion question about whether or not to create a pieced strip and then sew down the whole strip. If I understood it correctly, your answer was to sew the pieces of the strip as you go. That works fine for the diamond-in-a-square etc., but what about two rows of the same pattern with are side by side? I'm creating rectangles with a finished size of 3" long by 2" wide. If I attach each rectangle to the next, that's fine also. But what about the next row? It would require attaching the rectangles in one direction, but them attaching that to the first row in the other direction. I just can't picture that. (Hope this makes sense!!) I plan to buy the book, but want to get started on the quilt right away and need the answer before the book would arrive. Thanks for the technique - thanks for the group - and thanks for answering my questions.

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I took a class on quilt as you go.  It was recommended that a walking foot was to be used.  Also some of the gals used the fabric spray to keep all the layers together.

Thanks, Daleen. It's much appreciated.  Kay

I use my regular foot (because I'm too busy being fast to use it) but I have used the walking foot and it does work well. I do spray the backing and batting together because it makes it easier for me. If you are making a rectangle then you would sew both down the middle (starting piece) with a long piece, sew down the second long piece, then one short side then the other... Does that make sense?


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