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Karen and I made a Quilt As You Go Video - what do you guys think?



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Thanks Teri and Karen! Love it, you did a great job!
Oh I have to watch this later at home, thaks for making the video. I will let ya know how I like you on TV. lol.
~Hopppy quilting~
Will you be demonstrating any other quilt as you go projects? The patterns with triangles or any projects with odd shapes would be a good video. I was looking at the Lucky Charms table runner pattern and was confused as to how to get the project started. Do you make the blocks first and then assenble the project by the completed blocks or do you complete the blocks from the start onto the batting and backing? Thanks for your help.
Hi Diana,
I'm not sure if we will do another quilt as you go video but if we do I will let you know. For the Lucky Charms runner you assemble the blocks as you sew them down - not before you sew them down. So you lay your light charm square in the center of the batting and backing then take 2 of your folded triangles and lay them on top of it on either side (on the long sides) with the raw edges on the edge of the light charm pin them down you will make another one of those blocks pin the folded charm to the light charm (but don't pin it to the batting and backing) lay the new block on top of the block you pinned to the batting and backing then sew along the side as shown in the book. After you sew fold the block on top to the side then iron and repeat on the other side. Hopefully that made sense!
Thanks for answering me so quickly. I think I now undersand - I'll just have to try it and see. I just love your book and I've shown it to a few of my quilting friends and they just think all your projects are great and of course your technique is so much easier and faster than the original quilt as you go. Hopefully I'll be able to get the way to do that table runner as it is so cute and I'd like to be able to do the triangles in your fast and furious technique. I'll let you know how I do.
Oh, I didn't write the book! Gudrun Erla did, I just love it and the technique so I started a group so we could all love it together :)
Hi Ladies! New to the group and wanted to say hello and ask a question. I've been sewing for 45 years, quilting is new to me. I got hooked on CT fabric and now have to do something with it. LOL..watching all the tutorial videos and learning as I go. I was happy to see your video on qayg!! You did a great job on that. I noticed the catalog said the technique for Nov. was machine quilting but haven't seen the video/tutorial yet. Is that still in the works or did I miss it somewhere? So happy I found this group! Thank you for a great site and great fabric!!! KJ
HI Kristen. I am not sure if it will go ahead as there have been staff changes at CT. Maybe we should ask some of the CT or QWU staff. Teri do you know?
There have been staff changes and Karen who did all the techniques isn't here any longer. I think in the long term we are looking at restarting this program but for the next few months we are trying to regroup and figure out what we have, what we need, and where we are going.
great video thanks for creating it

love the idea of this and learning more about it. I have been quilting for years (and years) and think this is a great idea. Thanks.

I just watched the video and it is great!!! I hope to get started on some place mats as soon as I finish the lap quilt I am just putting the back on.



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