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Watch this space for brand new gift ideas to get you ready for your 2016 holiday season!

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Welcome to Gifty Galore 2016!

Our new Gifty Galore Christmas project season begins July 18th this year and runs through December 19th! And, Anita is back with more wonderful designers! 

We are using the book, Fast, Fun, and More Gifty. It is compiled and written especially for us! Our newest Gifty book is the best ever for preparing a gift-giving extravaganza. There are even MORE small and quick projects. Hey, you'll be able to use the projects in this book all year long!

Get ready… prepare your sewing space, oil the machine, and finish up any UFOs because you’re going to be busy! I challenge you to keep up with us!

  1. Time frame is from July 18th - December 19th, 2016 for the weekly projects.
  2. Please post all project questions on Notions where you will find the complete blog. All information is kept together there for reference later and It's much easier to find!
  3. You can join at any time. If you are not a member of our Quilt With Us Community, click the "Signup and Join" box in the upper-right corner. Once you're a member, you will see a green plus sign and a link to join "Gifty Galore” in the upper-right of the group page. Clicking on the link will allow you to join Gifty Galore.

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Block size                12 1\2" unfinished to finish at 12" Pattern .                  Log CabinColors .                    Center 31\2" square jewel tone ( brights)                                 Logs cut at 2"                               …Continue

2017 Project list.

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Comment by Kim Webb 1 hour ago

I don't think that's it's crazy that Wal-Mart takes 3 hours to fill a prescription. That is standard for them. What I find crazy is that the dentist didn't give you the prescriptions prior to the surgery so you would have had them already. That's how they do it here. 

Busy day at work today.  Another longer day tomorrow. Looking forward to a normal day on Thursday and Friday.

I have decided to take off Labor Day this year and Tuesday of that week. I used to always take Tumbleweed Tuesday off but haven't done it for quite a few years now. I have a feeling that this year Tumbleweed Tuesday isn't going to be the same as I don't think many people are heading back to the city this year.

Time for a little stitching before bed. Let's see what's on tv that isn't a rerun.

Have we heard from Thel since the storms rolled through?

Comment by Linda Froggie Quilter (Okla) 2 hours ago

Oh Alice, that is no good. I hope you can get the pain meds, you probably will really need them. Quilty hugs for you. 

Whew, that's a lot of EPP, Kathleen! I haven't been able to do that. Mine comes out looking really wonky, no matter what. My only problem with not doing dishes in the evening is, I use the same things in the morning. Then I get mad because I have to HAND WASH something!  I crack me up. 

I got the ME part of the tote bag finished today, I think it's sew cute. Myra will love it. I will get a pic later. It was nice to do some stitching instead of cleaning today. I didn't do any cleaning at all! There's a few things in the floor still, a couple of totes full of stuff to go through, and a project I need to hop on. I'm just not sure how to go about it. It's my uncle's cracker jack uniform that I want to applique on some plain fabric. This is for my cousin. I was thinking I want to get the whole piece of fabric quilted, then applique the uniform on it, but now I'm not sure. Before or after? I should ask my friend that long arms. 

~Hopppy quilting~

Comment by Kathleen Kingsbury 6 hours ago

That's a long time to have to wait for pain meds, Mary Alice. I hope you don't get a lot of pain before three hours. Good that you were prepared with soft foods.

Comment by Kathleen Kingsbury 6 hours ago

What a day, Barbara! Just being on the phone and taking care of all those details is tiring and headache inducing! Not to mention stormy weather and power outage in the mix. I'm sure you were exhausted. Good that DS got home safely and got your generator going.

Thanks for checking in, Marilyn. Good to hear you don't have damage other than that tree by the street. 

It's a decent day here today, except it's pretty windy. 21mph. Another walk in the humidity this morning. I don't know what it was then but it's 66% right now.

While I'm thinking of it, I will be going home to stay with mom for a few days. First time since mid March. I'll leave either tomorrow morning or Thursday. So don't worry if you don't hear from me for awhile. I have a new project all packed up to do while I'm there. It's an english paper piecing project. I have a gallon zip lock bag of a bunch of different floral prints. DD1 bought them at an estate sale. She hand picked what she thought I'd like and they all look like what I used to sew with back in the 80s I think. They are perfect for this project but I don't know if it will be enough to make the size quilt the pattern calls for. I need to cover 450 paper pieces. We shall see . . . some day  . . . 

Froggie, I think like that when I don't do the dinner dishes. Then I get up in the morning and wonder why no one did them for me while I was sleeping.

time to hit add comment and see if anyone else has been posting since I've been reading. I was behind two pages.

Comment by Mary Alice Espinoza 6 hours ago

Ugh, checking in.  Dental procedure done.  Took longer to extract my tooth and putting in implant.  Took prescriptions to Walmart and they told it would be 3 hours before they had them ready!  That's just whacked!  So I came home.

I gummed some pudding and yogurt--about all I can take in.  Sure hope I get my pain meds before my mouth becomes fully away, but doubt it.   So far no pain.

Comment by Linda Froggie Quilter (Okla) 7 hours ago

I had to look it up, Barbara. It's called a Derecho. I think it's 'The Wrecker" in spanish. But Alice would know for sure. I crack me up. I bet you are glad you didn't get any roof damage. That would have been really bad. I have a recipe for strawberry bread. The girls really liked it, but I didn't like it too much because it seemed too wet. Maybe it's a bad recipe. I still haven't made any banana bread. 

Too bad you can't go to the MH for the summer, Carol Ann! Get some internet so you can keep up with us, and you would be set. Enjoy your haircut and massage. They will both be good. 

I got my hair cut this morning. I just go to Super Cuts, so I called them and they took me at 11. They were getting really busy about the time I was ready to leave. I was glad I had an appointment and got in early. They have two signs on the door telling you masks are required. Two people walked in without masks, and the lady had to tell them twice that they needed some, or she could give them some. The lady cutting my hair said some people get mad. I said, yeah,that would be my sister! She really won't wear one. 

I decided to start some ME, so I had a kit from Kimberbell, and it's on the machine now. It's a cute tote bag that has the word JOY on it, and the O is a rudolph face. It's very cute. Since Myra's youngest DD's middle name is Joy, I will put it in the Christmas tote for Myra. I am way behind on filling up my Christmas tote. But, if I put DD1's wall hanging in it, it would be overflowing! I crack me up again. 

~Hopppy quilting~

Comment by Rita Crofoot 7 hours ago

Whew, lots happening in those central states, glad everyone is safe, sorry about your car ,Barbara, I have a sign on the property that my niece got me after a deer took out my new Subaru a few years ago, says " CAUTION SUICIDAL DEER"

I have dental appointment today, I am dreading it,scared of virus contamination and so tired of patch patch patch. Thought I was done. My teeth are old, though now that I think about it.

Garden is finally doing pretty good, I will be picking and canning purple beans tomorrow.

Comment by Carol Ann Hinton 8 hours ago

Good morning!  Another August day of over 100 degree temperatures!  Now I know why I hate August in the valley!  The constant heat just wears you down.

I'm waiting for the front sprinklers to shut off so I will have some water pressure to have a shower and wash my hair!  We seem to have chronic low water pressure during the hot summer days when everyone is using much more water. 

I have two appointments today; one with my hair dresser and one with the massage therapist.  I don't know which one I'm looking forward to most!  I seem to be down in the doldrums more often recently; I'm sure that is common for everyone.  DH and I grumble with each other over nothing, and I'm easily frustrated with minor setbacks.  I'll be so glad when we get through this crisis - whenever that might be!

Aha!  The sprinklers just shut off -- hello, shower!

Have a good day, everyone.

Comment by Barbara S/IL 10 hours ago

Good morning. I'm feeling more normal this morning. Awakened by the cats, took my shower, fed the cats, had my coffee. 

Glad you are okay, Marilyn. The tow assigned by AAA was from Canton. The storm has been on the national news. There's some special weather name for it but I can't remember it. It had the wind speeds of a category one hurricane.

I want to make some strawberry or blueberry bread today. I got a lot of fruit with my last grocery order and don't want it to rot b4 I can eat it. I guess I was inspired by Thel's produce haul. Hope Thel's okay.

Have a good one.

Comment by Linda Froggie Quilter (Okla) 10 hours ago

That is exhausting, Barbara. That's a lot to deal with all at once. Good for DS making it home safely, and coming to help you out at the end of his trip! 

I leave the door open too, Kim. And the little drawer for the detergent. It's a pain, because my laundry room isn't more than a door's width between the outside and the garage. It looks  like you could have a little bit of the rain Barbara and Marilyn got! You sure do have a busy week. 

I'm glad you didn't have damage to the cars and house, Marilyn. Maybe someone with a chainsaw will come and chop up that branch and take it away. That's what people always did in WA. 

I think I will be in the quilting room cleaning again today. I think I'm getting tired of it. I hope that doesn't mean that I will start ignoring the mess and just sew. That's when I hope the mess goes away by itself somehow. 

~hopppy quilting~


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