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Block size                12 1\2" unfinished to finish at 12"

 Pattern .                  Log Cabin

Colors .                    Center 31\2" square jewel tone ( brights)

                                 Logs cut at 2"

                                 black with white print

                                 white with black print

Here are measurements in the layout diagram and a pic of one block from my quilt. Thanks for your patience.

As for a time frame, if you could have your blocks mailed to me in the next two weeks that would be great. I would love to have this to her by some time in May. 

My address is .     Cindy Radtke

                                1217 Bonnie View Acres Rd.

                               Oak Harbor, WA  98277

Any questions, just ask. I will post photos along the way as I put it together and before it's ready for quilting. Will post different layout options for your input. 

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Carol, had you added one more round of the white, your "Jewel" would have been centered <grin>

Cindy - as I mentioned on the Gifty page, I don't have those colors in my stash. However, I have in mind a small item I've been wanting to make for Mary Agnes. Just pulled some pieces for that and will be ironing them tonight. I will mail the item to you to include with the quilt. I think she will like it. I have no idea what her favorite colors are, but I think she will like it.

Thanks ladies. Just got home from doc appts with hubby. Been a long day and am so glad you've all clarified things.

As for signing your block(s) feel free if you want to. You can sign either on the center block or on the white strips. Up to you. All names will be on the label as well.

Kathleen, that's perfectly fine. I'm sure she will like whatever we do.

Cora, what works best for you is great and much appreciated. 

Now to get something to eat and get Joshua ready for bed. You gals are the best!

Okay DO NOT sign the front of your blocks.

I will get my quilt and see what sizes my center is and the strips. Be back in a little while with the answer. My apologies for not having all this figured out.

My humble apologies. I should have measured mine first. My centers were 3 1\2" squares and my logs were cut at 2" . This making three rounds of each color. I a m so, so sorry. The bright centers stand out more as well. 

I changed the size in the DF. Also the lengths will be different. Will figure them and post as well.

Okay, Cindy.  I should have checked this out more closely myself.  I have not sewn anything together yet.  I can make the cut strips smaller; I cannot make them bigger.

Okey dokey!  I'll try again.  No problem at all just relieved that I've not totally lost my senses .  I'll get my two blocks off to you, Cindy along with a little cash towards backing, batting, thread etc.  Thanks for organizing and putting together!

I hope someone makes up my mind before I begin cutting. With a broken hand, I can't do a lot of cutting so I only want to do it once, please. Please specify the cut sizes of the pieces.

Count me in! I'll check my stash and start working on these ASAP.  

Barbara, isn't the MM ruler exactly like the EB ruler as far as strip lengths? I'll follow your measurements, as I didn't have success with the EB ruler.

I'd wait for Cindy to post the correct lengths.  The 3-1/2" center changes everything Barbara posted above.

I deleted the measurement post I made earlier. Sorry it wasn't right. And Cindy has given some other measurement. I was having the same problen as Carol and I was going by the MM ruler measurements. I'll shut up now and let the pros handle it. LOL 

I started posting the measurements last night, and promptly fell asleep in the middle of typing. Will get the m as soon as I can.


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