Quilt With Us

Rectangle Organizer Box:

A few things to remember:

  1. We are making the "Long Size" organizer box.
  2. Read directions carefully before beginning.
  3. I will insert what I have learned making this twice, but you determine how you will make your own. No rulers, just guidelines.
  4. Trust the yardage amounts as they are correct.

Let's begin!

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Hi there. Hope this shows up on the top of the discussions. It got hidden here.

Hi Mari - I unearthed my pattern which I purchased years ago and never made. I notice on the back that it says 2010 and revised 6/10. Have you had yours for a long time or is it a recent purchase? I'm just wondering if there have been any more recent revisions to it since god knows when I bought mine.

Kathleen, I just got mine in the mail today from Amazon and it says the same thing on the back.

Kathleen, my pattern is a recent purchase and it says revised 6/10. I think your pattern is fine. Gosh, that's so great that you already had it!

Here I am.  I found this, yahoo. 

Haven't gotten my pattern yet.  MSQC always seems slow to get shipped.   Oh well,  I got plenty to keep me busy while I wait. 

I won't be making it but I sure will follow along so I can see the lovely results.

My shipping info says my pattern will be delivered on Monday. The package of zippers some time during the coming week. No specifics.

Well, this project got me back into the fold!!! 

I have been away for a long time I know.  Life got real hard last March when our son had a cerebral hemorrhage and lost the rest of his vision along with it.  It was like a stroke but not.  He has come a long way since then and is up, walking, taking care of himself mostly but still must live in a nursing home.  We go up to visit him almost every day and are helping with a lot of his therapy.   So that is where any extra time I might have has gone.  Then in September I developed Shingles..... and I still, five months later have lingering pain.  So sitting still at my machine is tough.

But not to feel sorry for me at all.  God has blessed us with Jeff's slow but steady recovery! (but prayers are always welcome!)  And I am hopeful, with the new year things will be back to some semblance of normalcy.  Starting off with getting back into the quilting fold.

I just ordered this pattern from Amazon and since I have prime it should get here pretty quickly.  Until it does I will go into my sewing room (disaster that it would appear to outsiders) and collect up what I will need.  Thanks for posting that Mari.

So now I am back and hope to stay that way!!!

Welcome back Beth...........bless you for all you've been through this last year.  My goodness.  Prayers for your son to continue to improve and for you to endure with ease. 

I love this organizer.  I wish I had thought to order from Amazon, I'd have it by now.  At least MSQC has shipped it,  but not the Timtex yet.    I thought I had a fabric plan, but then when I realized we've got a new baby boy joining the family in July I've decided to make it for my niece to have at the changing table.  I'll be making a quilt as well for baby Kegan. 

I can't wait to start seeing what everyone is creating. 

Welcome Beth, nice to see you back, I am so sorry for your hard times, I can really sympathize, I got shingles, too, when my son was badly addicted to drugs, and living on the street, I am so sure that stress, especially from a Mothers heart, that just bleeds, when her kids are in pain, caused those darn shingles, It was one of the worst things I have ever had, but they are gone, My son is doing good, and sending my best wishes for your brave son. Bless you and yours.

Oh, and thanks Mary what great photos, I hope to get it going tonight. We had the presurgery class today for DH knee replacement, so all going along okay.

Yep, received mine today. Big box, itty bitty pattern envelope. Too funny. And have the perfect sewing themed fabrics to use. (If there's enough)

Cindy, my pattern arrived in the same huge box!!  It would have easily slipped into an envelope.

I can't start until Monday probably because I have a busy few more days in my shop.  At least I hope so.  I spent a lot of today organizing and cleaning out there.  Oh the fun of it.  But my sewing machine is sitting here... waiting to get going!


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