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Please let us know a little bit about yourself.  How many grandchildren do you have?  How many grandsons and granddaughters.  What are their ages?  What are your interests and hobbies?

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I'm Doreen. I have a 3 year old grandson and a granddaughter due March 19th. Both my daughters live in Virginia. I like to sew stuffed animals, totes, and small quilts and garden. I've begun knitting toddler sweaters after 30 years of not doing it. I love being a grandmother. I never understood what the big deal was until my grandson was born. You get to enjoy them while they're good and then leave when things get touchy. Their parents are responsible for how they turn out.
I am grandma to Tom 18
Dan 17
Lauren 14
Jack 11 almost 12
Bobby 7
George 4
and Jake 3.
My youngest daughter (Jakes mammy) is due at the end of August with my first blood granddaughter.
I like to do patchwork by hand or machine but arthritis has slowed me down a lot. I also knit a little,love to read and love to play.
I'm Kathy; proud Grandma of 8 (eight) little darlings ranging from 18 years to 2 months in age. We had two born this year...the second girl and the 6th boy. There are 6 boys and 2 girls and the girls are sisters. It was rather neat to have my oldest grandson graduate from High School a week after my youngest grandson was born this year. All the girls say they aren't having any more....but you know how that goes. LOL There are lots of photos of quilts I have made for them on my page. Please feel free to view and comment.
I have one 11 mo. old granddaughter, Piper. But, I also have two adopted granddaughters (it's complicated), Mia, almost 7, and Giana, 4 yrs. old. I also have two neighborhood granddaughters, Erin, 6, and Abby, 5. I see Erin and Abby the most and they occasionally sew with me. I would like many more grandchildren - hint hint - and I wish that I could see Piper, Giana and Mia more than I do! I am fairly new to quilting but have sewn clothing and toys for many, many years. My favorite thing to sew is clothing for the kids, with quilts a very close second!
Hi I'm Paullette and I have 15 grandchildren, 9 girls and 6 boys. I started quilting this year in June. My niece gave me pieces already cut for a French Rose. I thought it would be fun to make quilts for my grandchildren for Christmas. Since I knew I couldn't do all 15 I decided to do one family at a time. I chose my child with the fewest children for this year - 3. After the French Rose I did a nine patch and a reversible quilt. I'm making one more quilt for Christmas and it is for my oldest daughter and her husband. It was very challenging and not for a beginner but it is done and ready for the quilter.

I enjoy a variety of activites the newest one being cycling. I have a wonderful husband, four children and a 5 year old chocolate lab.
Hello and welcome Paulette.Had a peek at your page and must say I like your work.
Last year I was really down and after my eldest grandson claimed an old log cabin quilt for his room i decided to make all my family a quilt too. I became quite manic but everyone got something this year,I did not quilt them all but tied a few.Good luck with your projects.

Thanks Linda, it was so much fun making the quilts and watching the grandkids and daughter open them at Christmas.  My daughter knew she was getting one but not the fabric or pattern.  Now my other daughter, daughter-in-law and grandkids want one.  I have a photo album I promised my oldest daughter I would have finished by her 40th birthday.  That is coming up real soon, so I've had to put the quilting on hold for now.  I would much rather be quilting.

Is your photo a picture of your grandbaby and you?

Take care.



Yes thats me,holding Jessica who is now 20 weeks of age.Will upload a new photo later as I am waiting for her coming this a.m. Rachael and Barry have had deliveries every morning this week so I have had the joy of babysitting.

I think this is the group I was in a while ago,  but when I deacgtivated QWU for awhile and came back all my previous groups were lost.  So here I am again,   and remembered this group when I looked through the stash of quilts I have been making for my three granddaughters.  The oldest is 12 years,  so hopefully I have many more years to build this up.  Thought I had more in here, actually,  but there are 3 baby sized and a two lap or twin size.  One christmas tree skirt,  had three at one time,  but gave two away last year to the parents of the GK, so eventually they will probably get them. 

Welcome back Sherri,looking back a little way through our posts and we mention you and your quilts but there are no pics or posts.Strange that you disappeared altogether.

Nice stash of heirlooms you are creating.


I looked back too trying to find a picture someone had commented on.  The only thing I can determine is that once I deactivated my account,  all my photos were deleted from any posts I had ever made.  I know that none of my photos were reinstated when I rejoined.  So I don't have many photos in my "photo"  link.  Guess that will teach me not to do that again.  When I deactivate on FB,  all my info is retained and when I activate again,  which I always do,  everything comes back as it was.  Oh well diff sites,  different policies.  Some of my quilt stash got smaller this year, as I gifted some of the quilts from the stash to others.  So whatever is left when I am gone will go to my granddaughters.  

I am a grandmother of two. My granddaughter just turned 11 and she loves to quilt. We are working on our own Craftsy BOM 2013 quilt. She is using modern fabrics and I am using "old school". I have a grandson who will be 17 he is into auto tech, but likes receiving quilts and helped me design the quilt I made for him.

I am an Hosta maniac, and have a nice size woodland garden. I still work full time, but try to find time for my sew each week.

I have always been very close with my granddaughter, but having her as a quilting partner is especially nice.


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