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For picture's of completed Week #29 blocks, Seven Pointed Star for Austrailia 

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I really am ashamed of myself for this one, talk about cheater cloth. I cut one star and did some stitching on it.        

Hey Sandy, Whatever works for you is just fine with us.  Just remember - Finished is better than perfect! That looks like a good idea to me.

Thanks Mary. I really don't know applique yet and I was a bit panicked over this one.

That is a neat idea, Sandy! I confess I am having trouble figuring this one out! I am going to try the English paper piecing method, but I am not sure how it will work out. Great job!

I'm with Mary-whatever works for you.  Some of us may be contacting you to get some of this "cheater cloth" before this one is done. (;-)  It looks good and I especially like the background design!  You also did some nice decorative blanket stitching.  Hold your head up.  You have nothing to be ashamed of.  I believe what you have done is called ingenuity!

Work gets in the way of my quilty time too Lavonna and though I really liked the pieced background look on the pattern print out I didn't want to take the time right now to agonize over it. I cut out a whole star, fused it to a background square and stitched the dividing lines onto it!

Here's my Seven Pointed Star for Australia-hand pieced and hand appliqued.  I think I could applique a brown center or embroider some French knots in the center and have a lovely sunflower!

That is so pretty! Great job, Lavonna! I love soft yellows, that is a joyful star.

Thanks Amanda.  I too love soft yellow.

I finally was able to use my Hoffman fabric with this large purple star.

Such beautiful fabric!  I love them all!

Seven pointed star.  Couldn't figure out why this did not lay flat.  Then I counted my points and I had 8!  Started all over.  


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