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For pictures of completed Grandmother's Choice block of the week quilts. Photographs of completed quilts or finished tops welcome!

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Here's a large lap quilt top that I made for my son out of some of the GC blocks.  I still have at least this many more blocks to do another top with.  I'll probably hand quilt this one.

This quilt turned out great.  I still have more blocks to finish, but I like the idea of putting them in to more than 1 quilt. 

The other blocks I have are more of the feminine persuasion, but they will make a quilt at least this large depending on how I set them.  I was also considering doing a couple of baby quilts with the other blocks.  So many decisions.  Makes life interesting!

It is so nice to see your bright and happy blocks again! They look wonderful together.

I brought my blue version out and decided I was just going to get started quilting it. Well, I looked at the back again and there were so many puckers of backing fabric and batting that I just couldn't. So I spread it out and took all the hundreds of pins out of it. I was quite disappointed, but I will just have to try again soon.  

The CT fabric with too much same background. Which made it  washed out looking. I redid the arrow block. Will have to take a second picture.

Great Job! It is so great to see your finished quilt!

It turned out good Linda.  I love your border fabrics.  They really set the blocks off nicely.

So pretty Linda.  You did yourself proud!

Sashing choice was definitely not one of my better ideas but here is my completed top! Finally.

Hooray for you, Sandy!!! What a treasure. I am so happy you shared it with us, it is stunning. Now, how are going to quilt it? :) I love the sashing, it sure did add some inches though!

Love all the different colors.

I loved this one, I used the same setting for 6 1/2in blocks that I did a swap with in a group called repro fabrics. It is one of my favorite settings great job! I think you had the perfect choice for all those blocks to play in!


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