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In our previous Birthday Swaps we have swapped 2 ½” strips, FQs, and 12 1/2” sampler blocks!  This year we will swap…..10” squares

Everyone who chooses to participate will need to select a fabric theme.  Then when your birthday rolls around, you will be receiving two 10-inch squares (in the fabric theme you have chosen) from each participant.  Since we usually have approximately 20 individuals join in on our Birthday Swap, you should have a “Layer Cake” bundle (or close to it) by the time you receive all your birthday squares. I know some of you will question if the two squares can be the same fabric and here's my thought: two squares from the same fabric will be okay if we have the same number of participants that we usually have.  However, if at all possible, I would like to encourage the fabrics to be different.  One suggestion is to swap one square in the requested fabric theme with the other square coordinating it.  For example: it could be an Halloween print and a coordinating tone on tone.  But if you have to go out and buy a particular themed fabric for the Birthday Swap....then I would suggest just buying the one fabric and sending two squares from that one piece of fabric.

Jenny Doan from Missouri Star Quilts offers a wonderful tutorial for a fast and easy layer cake quilt at:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jxC-0T5lXw4. It’s called “Double Slice Layer Cake”.  You may choose to add borders or decide to go borderless, but wouldn’t it be fun to see the same quilt done in a variety of fabric themes?!  What a novel ‘Show and Tell’ this would be to have approximately 20 quilters sewing the same pattern in a variety of fabric themes with a variety of finishes!

Theme suggestions: Christmas, Halloween, Patriotic, Fall, Floral, Animal Prints (tiger, giraffe, zebra, leopard, etc), 30’s, Oriental, Plaid, Polka Dot, Stripe, Bright Print, Pastel, Civil War, etc.

If you wish to participate in this year's Birthday Swap, I need three bits of information from you:  1) the date of your birthday, 2) the theme you would like for your fabric squares, and 3) your address if you are a new swapper. 

So who wants to join in on this easy and fun swap?!

***A special thanks to Jackie O. for this swap idea!***

BIRTHDAYS & SELECTED THEMES (19 participants):

January 9- Marcia:  a 'rich' black, chocolate brown, tan, cream print (preferably NO floral prints) w/coordinating solid or tone on tone (I'm flexible...even if the print is only black & brown; or you send two tone on tone blocks- I'm OKAY w/what you send!)

March 19- Marybeth: bright polka dots w/coordinating bright solid

April 17- Darce: fall print and coordinating tone on tone

April 20- Betty: large bright flowers w/coordinating bright tone on tone

April 25- Rhonda: bright dots or stripes with coordinating solid

April 28- Linda N: happy bright colors

May 5- Peg: bright polka dots w/coordinating bright solid

May 6- Melzee: graphic prints and/or solids and like the turquoise/aqua, lime/apple green, black and white colors.  

May 17- Lana: true red, true blue, & white patriotic fabrics (instead of burgandy,navy & cream)

June 6- Pat A: tone-on-tones or small prints in colors suitable for a tiles quilt (dark reds,golds,greens,browns,tan)

August 8- Jan: Valentine's Day theme using HEARTS in mostly pinks & whites; but can have a little bit of red in the prints 

August 24- Carol V: a 'rich' black, chocolate brown, tan, cream print (preferably NO floral prints) w/coordinating solid or tone on tone

September 21- Teresa M: happy bright colors such as fuchsia, turquoise, lemon yellow, lime green, bright orange etc.

September 29- Sandy O: coffee theme (beans, cups, coffee pots) w/coordinating fabric (tan, cream, brown, black)  NO BRIGHTS!

October 10- Diane :  b'day cards ONLY!  (She wants to share her fabric w/us- but does NOT want us to add to her stash!)

October 23- Jackie O: bright print (polka dots, stripes, chevron, etc) and a coordinating tone on tone or solid

November 7- Nancy H: flannel squares in a hunting lodge theme (one print & one coordinating solid)

December 11- Lynne (AP Mom): fall prints (two the same, two different, print w/ tone on tone...whatever)

December 16- Joyce S: bright children's prints


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Rhonda, Happy Late Birthday, and Happy Birthday Linda.

I mailed the May birthday cards today. 

My card from Jackie arrived today.  I may have my knitting group meet here on my birthday so I could open all my cards with an audience :)  Two of them are quilters - maybe I could convert a couple more - lol

My cards have begun to arrive. I wasn't expecting them so soon.

Im working on the May cards girls. I have the fabric ready to go but ran out of cards. Oh my.....

Darce, got your card today, thanks sweetie...

More birthday envelopes!!! :)  :)  My newest are from Darce, Pat, Melzee, Nancy and Joyce.  Thanks so much - can't wait to open them.

Hey Ladies - I finally got pictures taken of my beautiful fabrics - Thank you so very much!!!!  And Teresa, I had a pattern in mind for these, but I like the one you included better, so that's what I'll be using!

Darcy, I'm delighted you like my pattern idea.  I'm thinking about writing it up as a pattern in my Aunt Teta's Quilts pattern line.

I got the May birthday cards in the mail.  I'm sorry its so late.  Seams like I've got plenty of time, plenty of time, then shoot I'm almost late!

Peg and Melzee, please forgive me. I'm a May birthday and I'm late getting them out. I was out of stamps and had to go to Kwik Trip for some more. The are on their way.  I'm such a putz.

No problem Lana - just extends the fun a little longer :)

Thank you everyone for the beautiful fabrics and cards. What fun!!  Envelopes arrived today from Carol, Diane, Betty and Jan.   

I'm very sorry that I'm late on most of the April birthdays. My step-mother has been in and out of the hospital for the last 6 weeks and I am just now getting back to normal. Hope to get them in the mail tomorrow. Once again, I'm very sorry to be late.


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