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Hi gang!  After looking at some of the most awesome quilts that I have seen at AQS last week, Peg and I happened upon an entry that was done by a group.  I know the Art Quilt group here does something similar and I would like to try this with our group.  Here's what we do......I have a picture that that is blown up.  Each participant receives one portion of the photo ( without seeing the entire photo).  It is your job to interpret the piece with any technique(s) you choose.  The major lines, of course, of the photo should be maintained.  Once I recieve all of the pieces back, I sew them all together and then it is quilted.  You can think in or outside the box as far as color and technique.  Some examples would be thread painting, hand or machine applique, embroidery, raw edge applique, beading, etc. 

I figure that we could open this up to all that would be wanting to do this the beginning of January and I would give everyone 8 weeks to complete their portion.  Depending on the number of people we have sign up would dictate the size block each of us would be doing.  The more people, the smaller the size.

We all need to break out of our little comfort zones once in a while and try something new.  I think this would be fun and maybe we would enter our group quilt at the State Fair or even AQS next year???

All I ask is that if you sign up to participate, that you honor your obligation.  We can't have a quilt missing one square.  Let me know if you are interested and if you have any questions.  I can post the rest of the guidelines after we see if there is enough interested. 


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OK, I'll bite.  Nothing to lose. Let's do it.

ME,TOO! I love a challenge!

I have seen this done and the result was awesome.  I think I'll opt out of doing it however.  I never feel that creative.  I'm much better following a pattern!!!  Hope you have a good response as I think it will be so much fun.

Oh, Melzee, am I worthy of such a challenge?  Is it easier than it sounds?  Sounds a bit intimidating, but interesting!


Jackie-I'm betting that you are.  I think you might be surprised.  I have some instructions that I would be willing to send you.  You saw the orchid that I did.  You can do this the same way.  Say yes!  It'll be fun and a challenge too.

O.K.  Send the instructions and sign me up!  Like I don't have enough stress in my life already! :^)

Breath Jackie...Heehee hoohoo.  Remember Lamaze???  LOL


Oooooh I don't know. I will have to think about it.....I will let you know.

Since you mentioned that I saw it with you I better say yes - lol   I think it'll be lots of fun.

The more we have participating, the more variety.  Come on, gals.

OK, i am in too, hope i am worthy.

Mary Beth-Are you still in for this project?


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