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Participants will be constructing either a 6 1/2" square for the center of the "Sawtooth Star" for each birthday person... or the entire block.  I will leave it up to each birthday person to decide if she/he wants the entire block completed by the swap participants or if she/he wants just the center square of the block completed.  Having only the 6 1/2" center square mailed to the birthday person gives the birthday person an opportunity to finish making the "Sawtooth Star" with his/her own fabric for the star points -as well as his/her own background fabric- making it more of a CONTROLLED look.  If the swap participants made the entire block for the birthday person, the completed quilt would have more of a SCRAPPY look.  It's all about personal preference!  :)  

I will let each individual decide:  

#1) her/his color way

#2) if she/he wants the entire "Sawtooth Star" block or just the center square.

If you plan to join in on the fun, please share your two color preferences for your block.  You could choose true red for the points & a white on white background; brown for the points & a cream background; navy for the points & a white background; black for the points & a red background; medium gray for the points & soft yellow background, etc.  

Even if you decide you'd prefer to have the participants make only the 6 1/2" center square for you when it is your birthday- it's important you select your two color preferences so the center square will better coordinate with the fabrics YOU plan to select for your points & background! 

Here is the pattern:


*Instead of a "Four Patch" block in the middle of the "Sawtooth Star", we will be replacing it with a 6 1/2" square.

Also- remember to share the date of your birthday and your address!  Thanks!

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I'm going to be 'wishy-washy'!!  I don't care if you make the whole block or just the center.  Some times are busier than others, so if all you can get done is the center, that is fine.  However, if you choose to make the complete block...I choose (big surprise)...

Colors:  Red points with White on White (background)

             And I'll be putting black in as my 3rd color.

October 23rd

Jackie Orton

3245 Clanton Creek Ln

Lorimor, IA 50149

**I rather like your idea of the Irish Chain blocks, Marcia...may have to 'steal' you idea!!

FYI --for those of you who have been doing the 365 challenge ,,there have been a bunch of interesting 6" patterns that would work wonderfully for this swap, 

30's repo's

plain white background

entire block


Diane Larson

1420 Jacobson Dr. 

Story City Ia 50248

Good idea, Diane!

i choose the whole block too. 

Colors: Red with white (i am going to get out of my box :-) as this is not my "normal")

March 19

Marybeth Pusillo

2017 230th St

Marshalltown, IA 50158

Whole block please, but I can also finish the block.

Colors: Aqua points with off white/cream to light tan background.

My alternate block will be aqua and brown to the bronze direction.

December 1st

Tressa Jurries

103 W High St.

Linn Grove, IA  51033

I'm still thinking about colors but I have a question.  Do we make the 6 1/2 inch center just from the 2 main colors the birthday person has chosen or add in others mentioned or any we think will coordinate well?

Great question, Peg!  

My thinking is add whatever colors mentioned by the birthday gal!  For example, I said my selected colors are purple points & white-on-white background; but since I mentioned I plan to add turquoise in the alternating block---I think it is safe to say for me that you may certainly add turquoise along with the two main colors to my center block. Since you know the color I will be using in the alternate block, you could add that third color to add more interest to the center square.  Using more than just the two main colors in the center square will make your block more eye catching- plus it will help unify all the blocks when sewn together in a quilt. 

What is everyone else thinking?????  Do you want to stick to just the two main colors in your block or do you want to add an accent color (the color you plan to use in your alternating block) to the center design?   

I agree, Marcia...the 3rd color will make it pop and maybe give the maker more flexibility if needed.

I guess I'll be my usual contrary person and say just make the center block for me.  I will be using medium brown for the points and cream fabric for the background.  The blocks can be varied in technique and colors as long as they will blend with the brown and cream.  I will probably use turquoise in the alternate blocks, so feel free to incorporate that color also.  I really liked the variety in Diane's quilt, so have fun with the center blocks.

Birthday:  August 8

     Jan Wallace

     36 Brentwood Drive

     Bella Vista, AR  72715

This will be so much fun.  Thanks Marcia!!

OK, I have a problem with these 3 colors and it looks like I am not the only one.

Just saying!

Think I may be safe with my Aqua color But I do have a question for Marcia and Jan.

Turquoise to the blue or the green side?

I know, I'm sorry but there has to be at least one in the crowd (trouble maker) guess I just took the job.

Thank you tressa! In ever know which way to go either

Yes please Tressa!  Would any one be opposed to posting a sample of the colors they are thinking.  It would make life so much easier deciding if it is the right color and it will make your finished quilt more coordinated.

Maybe even just go to CT and choose thread colors that are close.  Where did you find your color sample Tressa?

I'm off to find my colors!


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