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Participants will be constructing either a 6 1/2" square for the center of the "Sawtooth Star" for each birthday person... or the entire block.  I will leave it up to each birthday person to decide if she/he wants the entire block completed by the swap participants or if she/he wants just the center square of the block completed.  Having only the 6 1/2" center square mailed to the birthday person gives the birthday person an opportunity to finish making the "Sawtooth Star" with his/her own fabric for the star points -as well as his/her own background fabric- making it more of a CONTROLLED look.  If the swap participants made the entire block for the birthday person, the completed quilt would have more of a SCRAPPY look.  It's all about personal preference!  :)  

I will let each individual decide:  

#1) her/his color way

#2) if she/he wants the entire "Sawtooth Star" block or just the center square.

If you plan to join in on the fun, please share your two color preferences for your block.  You could choose true red for the points & a white on white background; brown for the points & a cream background; navy for the points & a white background; black for the points & a red background; medium gray for the points & soft yellow background, etc.  

Even if you decide you'd prefer to have the participants make only the 6 1/2" center square for you when it is your birthday- it's important you select your two color preferences so the center square will better coordinate with the fabrics YOU plan to select for your points & background! 

Here is the pattern:


*Instead of a "Four Patch" block in the middle of the "Sawtooth Star", we will be replacing it with a 6 1/2" square.

Also- remember to share the date of your birthday and your address!  Thanks!

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I think I will pass on this swap.  Once I started putting my BOM (the one I posted with the black background) together I realized the blocks were the same as what we are planning with this swap - duh!  

Ok I am starting this off on the wrong foot. Marcia your block from me will be late as I totally do not have any fabric in your colors, not even the white.
I will be checking for other colors I need. Sorry.

No need to fret, Tressa!  Because I want to lower everyone's anxiety -I've decided to postpone my January 9th birthday till FEBRUARY 9th!!  It gives all you Birthday Swap participants a chance to sew up my block without all that last minute stress!  

Ok Ladies this is the long lost Rosie,,,,I am back up and running.lol for the birthday swap I would like the colors of purple and white (sorry Marcia) the whole block please.
Here is my info
Rosetta Gast-Boyer
12288 Butte Creek Ln
Sturgis S.D
Birthday 10/24
Ok what am I forgetting?

Joyce Scott
28180 Prospect Ave
Adel, IA 50003
Cream background with Brown Points. She will add green and burgundy as accent colors.

whole block also.

Nancy, when is Joyce's birthday?

December 16th


Rosie, MaryBeth, & Nancy H- do you ladies plan to add any additional accent colors to go along with your two main colors?  In other words, could we add any other color to the center square of your purple and white block, Rosie?  (Or do you want us to just use only shades of purple with the white?)  Could we add any additional color to the center square of your dark green and cream block, Nancy? (Or do you just want us to stick with different shades of dark green with your cream?) Do you want any accent colors added to red and white block, MaryBeth....or are you planning to make this just a two-color quilt?

As soon as I hear back from Rosie, MaryBeth, & Nancy (on whether they will be adding any accent colors to their color way)- I will send out an organized & up to date list of all the information you will be needing in order to participate in this birthday swap.   And remember:  we are celebrating my birthday on FEB 9th (instead of Jan. 9th)!

I'm so excited to see the blocks that everyone will be sharing with our fellow swappers this year!  :)

You can add any thing you ladies would like I love all your ideas and you do such wonderful work

Melzee- in typing up the informational list sharing everyone's color ways, could I say cantelope orange, true red, teal, and grays (Dark, Medium, and Light) as your choice?  Or is that dark gray a navy blue??  (Hard for me to tell!) I will direct the swappers to look at the sample you posted in this discussion- since that gives a better idea of your color way= but what would you call your colors??

Marcia-Shades of grays are fine.  Navy would be OK too.  I'm not that fussy.  Anything in those color families will be just fine with me.


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