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Participants will be constructing either a 6 1/2" square for the center of the "Sawtooth Star" for each birthday person... or the entire block.  I will leave it up to each birthday person to decide if she/he wants the entire block completed by the swap participants or if she/he wants just the center square of the block completed.  Having only the 6 1/2" center square mailed to the birthday person gives the birthday person an opportunity to finish making the "Sawtooth Star" with his/her own fabric for the star points -as well as his/her own background fabric- making it more of a CONTROLLED look.  If the swap participants made the entire block for the birthday person, the completed quilt would have more of a SCRAPPY look.  It's all about personal preference!  :)  

I will let each individual decide:  

#1) her/his color way

#2) if she/he wants the entire "Sawtooth Star" block or just the center square.

If you plan to join in on the fun, please share your two color preferences for your block.  You could choose true red for the points & a white on white background; brown for the points & a cream background; navy for the points & a white background; black for the points & a red background; medium gray for the points & soft yellow background, etc.  

Even if you decide you'd prefer to have the participants make only the 6 1/2" center square for you when it is your birthday- it's important you select your two color preferences so the center square will better coordinate with the fabrics YOU plan to select for your points & background! 

Here is the pattern:


*Instead of a "Four Patch" block in the middle of the "Sawtooth Star", we will be replacing it with a 6 1/2" square.

Also- remember to share the date of your birthday and your address!  Thanks!

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Where is the love button?  Who would ever guess it wasn't completely planned!

Beautiful Diane, so pretty.

Your quilt looks AMAZING, Diane!  Love the diagonal layout.....and all those Nine Patch alternate blocks between your Star blocks are perfect!  Guess you've been practicing the Nine Patch blocks enough with this quilt that you're ready to do our upcoming BIRTHDAY SWAP!!!  You'll be able to do Nine Patch blocks in your sleep by the time you're through!  LOL

love it Diane, you are amazing!

I finally decided the setting I want to use for my star blocks.  But instead of the 10, I need 13, so I got two more done today along with the star points for a third.  Now all I need to do is get the center done for the last one.  Then I can get busy on finishing it.  It would be fun to get them all together for a picture.  

Here are the three extra blocks I made for our 2017 project:


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