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The dates for this year's retreat are Thursday, August 2nd through Sunday, August 5th.  I have ten hotel rooms blocked off for these three nights (THURS/FRI/SAT) for the IQers.  Two of these rooms have a single KING bed (Deb?/Jan?) and the remaining eight rooms have two QUEEN beds.  The rate went up two dollars ($91.99) - but still a bargain considering what they usually charge for the rooms.  The conference room is reserved for us those three days (Thurs/Fri/Sat) and we are even allowed to sew on Sunday (at no charge) since we are never sure how long the last quilter(s) will be staying on Sunday!

This year's charity project is 'PANEL PALOOZA'!!!  Please make a lap robe (larger than 36"x36") or a couch throw sized quilt using the panel you received at the 2017 retreat!  (Remember- it was the panel you received via a grab-bag selection process!)  Any size will be acceptable!  Even a twin sized quilt is quite acceptable!  Just have fun adding blocks and borders to the panel you picked!  It will be exciting to see the variety of quilt blocks & techniques used in the completed panel projects!  I imagine we'll see a lot of creativity going into these charity projects!  Can't wait!

Just a reminder:  the three FQs for this year's LCR game are to be BRIGHT DOTS!  Polka dots or any sized dots!  We're flexible----as long as the fabric is BRIGHT!

Fellow retreaters:  remember to reserve your room!  (515-733-6363)

ATTENDEES (staying overnight at the motel):

Marcia / Judy (Marcia's friend that attended last year)

Rhonda / her sister JoAnn

Sandy O / MaryBeth (wedding to attend on Saturday)

Deb S / her sister Kelli

Tressa / her mom Janice


Linda Northwick & Darce (Fri and then leaving 11 AM on Sat.) 

Joyce / Nancy / Jackie O (staying Thurs. & Fri.-leaving on Sat.)




Teresa Husman (Diane's friend)

Karen & Lauren (Diane's neighbor & granddaughter)

Jacque Johnson

Linda (Jan's friend from Webster City)

***Presently 23 attendees*** 

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you were on the list.....just an oversite Sandy.

I think Marcia said that if we push the tables together we can get 6 pods of 4 = 24 max.

But again, Kelly and I can be floaters if need be.  Floating in and out of the room for activities and snacks.  :-)

Hopefully, you don't have to do that; you'll miss all the fun and chatter as we sew.  

And, of course, Marcia!!

Goodness Gracious!  How could I possibly have left of Marcia!

I knew we had a lot of interest.  It is just a good thing that I'm not in charge of anything but me and Kelli! 

Got the binding machine-stitched on my panel challenge and started the hand-stitching.  Woo Hoo!  For once, I won't be working on it the night before it's due!!

There should be a like button on this site.   I have my binding cut for my panel.  Getting it attached is on this weeks schedule.

I hope to be coming also......

as usual, i will need a roommate:-) probably only can swing Friday thru Sunday  

Marybeth's post reminds me that we need to bring our gorillas to the Retreat.  For those who don't own a gorilla yet, you have plenty of time to find one at a thrift shop, online, in your grandkids' toy boxes....any place stuffed animals live.   Having a gorilla to sit with you encourages you to stay on task...or something like that LOL!!

I plan on being there. I believe I already reserved my room, but need a roommate

I have a room reserved from Thurs - Sun.  Lynne has now decided to be a daytripper so, Marybeth, are you still looking for a roommate for Friday, Saturday nights?

Marybeth and I will be roomies.

and I think Judy larson might be coming again along with karen and Lauren Hanson.

I will plan on taking orders for sandwiches again and will put up a menu in July


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