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The dates for this year's retreat are Thursday, August 1st through Sunday, August 4th.  I have ten hotel rooms blocked off for these three nights (THURS/FRI/SAT) for the IQers.  Two of these rooms have a single KING bed and the remaining eight rooms have two QUEEN beds.  The rate will be the same as this year's rate ($91.99) - but still a bargain considering what they usually charge for the rooms.  The conference room is reserved for us those three days (Thurs/Fri/Sat) and we are even allowed to sew on Sunday (at no charge) since we are never sure how long the last quilter(s) will be staying on Sunday!

This year's charity project is a 'FIDGET QUILT" Please make it approximately 24" x 24" (and NO MORE than 36"x36").   SENSORY is an important factor when making a fidget quilt.  Here's an opportunity for you to use up some of your orphan blocks.  Enhance your quilt blocks with zippers, beads, bobbles, buttons, keys, rick rack, lace, ruffles, doilies, velcro, small jingle bells, or whatever else you can think of that might keep their hands busy.  (Attach the beads with ribbons and sew the ribbons into the seams for durability.)  Different textures of fabrics such as corduroy, velvet, fake fur, etc. are a good idea as well. TACTILE is an important goal to keep in mind when constructing these 'Fidget Quilts'.  You can even add a pocket---complete with a small stuff animal tucked inside with a ribbon attached to the animal so if it falls out it can be easily retrieved! It will be exciting to see the variety of quilt blocks & techniques used in these completed fidget quilts!  I imagine we'll see a lot of creativity going into these charity projects!  Can't wait!

***For our LCR game you will need to bring three 2 1/2" strips.  One strip is to be BLACK on black, one strip is to be WHITE on white, and the final strip is to be a strip of BRIGHT tone on tone fabric.

***Remember to bring your NDTS (No Darker Than Sand) blocks so Diane can swap them out for all who participated:  Tressa, Janice, Sandy, Jackie O, Marcia, Lynne, Diane, Marybeth, Nancy, Joyce, Linda, and Karen.  You need to make twelve 12" blocks (12 1/2" unfinished) for this swap.  The pattern is your choice, but the blocks should all be the same pattern.  You may use different fabrics in each block if you want to use fabrics from your stash- but the pattern should be the same.  Make one block for everyone- including yourself.

***For those of you participating in this year's Birthday Swap ("Ribbons" block)- you can bring Jan's blocks to the retreat and save yourself some postage!  Jan's birthday is August 8th and the colors she selected for her block are: Light pink, Dark Pink, Light Gray, Dark Gray for the 'ribbons' and white on white for background

***Bring your completed MYSTERY QUILTS in which Sandy O shared clues- with assistance from Jackie O!

Overnight retreaters:  (To reserve your room call 515-733-6363.)

Rhonda & JoAnn

Deb S 

Tressa & mom Janice

Sandy O 


Linda N. 

Marcia & Judy

Jackie, Nancy, & Joyce

Day Trippers:


Linda F (Jan's friend)


Jacque J


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Here's a site you can visit to see some guide lines a guild used when its members made fidget quilts:


Here are some sample FIDGET QUILTS:

More samples of FIDGET QUILTS:

For the last three days, I have been trying to reserve mine and Kellie's rooms for next years retreat. (I need two next year).  I kept being told that only Jasmine could do it because of the special rate.  Didn't make sense to me but what could I do except leave messages for her.

Jasmine called me back this afternoon.  Our rate was already in the computer, the night shift didn't understand that it was a block rate for the multiple rooms.  So make sure to tell them that you are part of the Iowa Quilters Group and that we have rooms blocked out for us.  Jasmine said she would try to make sure that the different shifts were notified, but also said that with her staff turn over I should share with you all.

Now here is the BIG thing I know I did not reserve a room before I left.  I simply forgot to.... but Jasmine told me that I already had a room reserved for all three nights being held by my credit card.   So if you haven't already reserved your room, make sure to check that you don't already have a room reserved for all three days.  I think they just assumed that we would all be back and assigned us reservations.

Jasmine did say that she was happy that we choose the facility for our retreat, and looked forward to serving us next year.... and that she hoped that her growing pains will be smoothed out by then.  I have to say once I finally got to talk to her, she was very helpful and pleasant.

Just thought I would share.  Earlier this week I canceled Kelli's room.  Of course, me being me I asked for them to send me written confirmation of the cancelation.

It was signed by Nancy Hayes, General Manager.   Was Roy the General Manager? 

I just brought this to the top since I couldn't remember what our LCR fabrics were this year.

Just a little over 9 weeks away, how is that possible!?!?!

Deb- Nancy is the new manager and is a breath of fresh air.  Jasmine was the manager after Roy.  We all know that  anyone who follows Roy would have a tough time filling his shoes.  Roy is an extraordinary manager who places customer service at the top of his job and I loved working with him when booking these retreats.  BUT....Jasmine was NOT a good replacement for lots of reasons.  The motel received a lot of poor evaluations and lost a lot of business. Nancy was one of the original employees when the Comfort Inn opened years ago.  When approached to be the manager to replace Jasmine, she felt a sense of obligation to give back the 'good name' to her community's well-established motel.  I recently attended a retreat in April with her as the manager and she is one again placing customer service as a top priority.  She told me a little bit about her struggle of being the new manager.  Lots of information about retreats dates, rooms reserved, contact people and their phone numbers were NOT saved by Jasmine....so poor Nancy is flying by the seat of her pants.  I'm sure Nancy will help us make this year's retreat a pleasant stay!  :)     

Saw right through that passive aggressive question didn't you Marcia.  I was hoping that Jasmine had moved on, but didn't want to seem harsh.  

SO happy that you know Nancy and that she has a customer service priority.

Just an FYI- these are the gals who have rooms already reserved for this year's retreat (according to their records):

Rhonda (king), Deb S (king), Tressa, Sandy O,  Jan, Linda N. and myself.  If it doesn't say "king" behind your name, you have a room with two queens.  

The conference room has been reserved for Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.  If you come early, you can sew on Thursday morning in the conference room while you wait for your rooms to be cleaned.  Usually check in is at 3:00 PM- but the staff tries to get our rooms cleaned sooner so we can check in around 1:00 PM.  Nancy and her "Right Hand Lady" Kara have been so very accommodating and anxious to help me with everything from reserving rooms, the dates, the conference room set up, etc.  

We are in good hands once again, Ladies!  :)

Marcia...I'm getting excited already about the Retreat and it's about two months away!  Have you given any thought to games or activities for this year so we can get ready with what we have to bring?  I know you have been super busy with family stuff.  I know we're doing the NDTS block exchange; anything else like our games or grab bags or surprise stuff?  Just wonderin'

So glad to hear Jasmine is gone; I'm one who gave them a terrible review on Trip Advisor.  I just couldn't let that woman ruin such a nice property and I knew I didn't really want to come again with her at the helm.  Nancy sounds like the answer to our needs. Deb, why did you cancel Kelli's room? Are you two sharing this year or is she not able to attend?

Also...I have the "two queens" room reserved.  Marybeth, are you coming this year and want to share again?  Lynn...you'll be busy with wedding plans I assume; can you day trip?

Wedding is 2020 so I will be there this year, day tripping again.  It just works better with the sweet corn.  I will have to see what we determine is the officiall first weekend of August in 2020 since the 1st is on Saturday.  No date has been set yet, they are trying to figure out a venue and when it is available.

Oh, I DO remember you said it was next year....glad you'll be there this time around.  


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