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At last year's retreat you drew out a number for a magazine and a number for the page in that particular magazine.  It is that specific page that is your inspiration for this year's quilt project.  Let your creativity juices flow to see how that page 'speaks' to you in regards to a pattern, color way, or subject matter.  Have fun with the challenge!  I encourage you to make this quilt project a large couch throw or a twin-sized quilt.  The plan is to donate these quilts to individuals in hospice care.  When the patient is no longer able to enjoy the quilt, it is a kind and touching gesture to pass the quilt onto the loved one's family to keep.  What a comfort to the family to be able to keep the last item that 'hugged' their loved one.  

*At the time of the retreat, if you have a loved one or a friend in Hospice Care- you may chose to donate your quilt to that individual.  However, if you do not have any connections to an individual in hospice care, we'll decide at the retreat which hospice organization will receive our retreat challenge quilts. 

I have included photos of those of you who are participating in this challenge holding the magazine page that is your inspiration!  Can't wait to see the completed quilts!  (Especially since some of you have a more challenging magazine page than others!  *wink, wink*)

P.S.- Hope I took a photo of everyone choosing to participate!

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We so need to burn that picture!  LOL

Lauren drew for her Grandma Karen.


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