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At last year's retreat you drew out a number for a magazine and a number for the page in that particular magazine.  It is that specific page that is your inspiration for this year's quilt project.  Let your creativity juices flow to see how that page 'speaks' to you in regards to a pattern, color way, or subject matter.  Have fun with the challenge!  I encourage you to make this quilt project a large couch throw or a twin-sized quilt.  The plan is to donate these quilts to individuals in hospice care.  When the patient is no longer able to enjoy the quilt, it is a kind and touching gesture to pass the quilt onto the loved one's family to keep.  What a comfort to the family to be able to keep the last item that 'hugged' their loved one.  

*At the time of the retreat, if you have a loved one or a friend in Hospice Care- you may chose to donate your quilt to that individual.  However, if you do not have any connections to an individual in hospice care, we'll decide at the retreat which hospice organization will receive our retreat challenge quilts. 

I have included photos of those of you who are participating in this challenge holding the magazine page that is your inspiration!  Can't wait to see the completed quilts!  (Especially since some of you have a more challenging magazine page than others!  *wink, wink*)

P.S.- Hope I took a photo of everyone choosing to participate!

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I did, too, Rhonda, until Joyce asked me about the size requirements!  I even have part of my fabric and forgot!  And I'm not even going to be there.  :^(

Marcia can you put this on our FB page also?

Apparently you missed my picture too.  Linda - that means they have no record of our pages!  Mine wasn't that great.  But, I actually do have the top done, I'm using one I worked on at retreat.  Just need to get it quilted.

Well, dang!  I missed you too?!  Should've taken the photos RIGHT AFTER everyone got the magazine page # drawn!  Please, oh please, Lynne- post a selfie of you holding your magazine!  :)

Actually, my quilt just came back from the quilter and it is amazing!!!  Even if I say so myself!!!  Great inspiration from the magazine.  I made the top in December because I couldn't stop thinking about it.  Just have to sew down the binding and get a label on it. 

What should I put on the label?  A title for the quilt?  I will put my name as who made it and my quilter's name as the quilter and the date.  Should I mention Iowa Quilters?  Let me know!!!

I have the challenge quilt done, just finished the binding this morning and I really like how it turned out.  I made it all from fabric that Joyce had from her mom's stash  She brought it last year to put on the garage sale table and before she took it in, asked if I would be interested in any of it.  Yes of course, so it went perfectly with my colors from the magazine page and I used every scrap up.


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