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*A salad for Thursday's noon luncheon at Diane's home

*Your beverage of choice (water, tea, pop, wine....whatever your preference) for the duration of the retreat

*Snack to set out on the community snack table to be shared with everyone (cookies, chocolate, bars, fresh fruit, chocolate, licorice, candy, nuts, mints, chocolate, trail mix....you get the idea!)  Quilters are partial to chocolate!!!  :)

*PANEL QUILT made from the panel you got from Marcia at the 2017 retreat.  

* One or two children's pillowcases to donate to our "Betty Cases" charity project.  The school nurse gives needy elementary children these pillowcases at Christmas time with necessary items (socks, mittens, toothbrush, toothpaste, etc) tucked inside the pillowcases.   We have 100 right now, but will give away approximately 60 of those pillowcases this Christmas.   

*Three FQs in BRIGHT POLKA DOTS (or any dot print) for our LCR game!  It doesn't make any difference what the background colors are as long as the backgrounds and polka dots are bright!

*Please bring three quilt related items in a RECYCLED GIFT BAG for our swap.  The three items to tuck inside the "MYSTERY BAG" are:  1)  a quilt book or pattern you no longer want;  2) a quilt tool (e.g.- a seam ripper, tape measure, scissors, a duplicate of a tool you already have or maybe even a special ruler you had to have but don't use; 3) TWO yards of fabric you are no longer in love with or you wish to donate!  The two yards can consist of 8 FQs, four 1/2 yards cuts, whatever....as long as it equals TWO yards of fabric!  (And NO...the fabrics do not have to be coordinating if you have more than one fabric!)   Place these three things into a recycled gift bag for our swap activity!  After we are done playing the game and you received something in the bag you don't think you'll use - we can swap with one another after the game or contribute it to IQ's Garage Sale!

*Any additional sewing related items (not tucked inside the "Mystery Bag") can be added to our annual GARAGE SALE!  Here's a great opportunity to clean out those no-longer-needed items in your sewing room and have them adopted by your fellow quilters!  Feel free to bring other craft items such as yarn, beads, felt, buttons, etc. -since everything seems to find a home at these garage sales!  Even novels, audio books, and cookbooks can be added to the garage sale since we have a lot of avid readers in our group!

*Two or three quilt projects you have completed and would like to share during our "SHOW & TELL"

*Remember your quilting buddy:  your friendly stuffed GORILLA!

FYI- those of you participating in this year's IQ's Birthday Swap can bring along Jan's birthday card & Nine Patches to the retreat (and save yourself some postage)!  Her b'day is August 8th!  :) 


*I will bring two sets of bed risers to place under the legs of two long tables to make them a comfortable height for cutting tables.

*The hotel will supply the irons and ironing boards. (These are from the rooms but the staff will have them in the conference room for us to use during the retreat.)  You may wish to bring your own personal mini-iron and small ironing pad so you can do this task in your work space.

*Bring your own rotary cutter, scissors, and rulers.  You may decide to bring a small cutting mat, but it's silly for all of us to bring large cutting mats.  Diane, Rhonda, and I will bring a LARGE cutting mat to share with others.


THURSDAY at 7 PM- "Show & Tell" of quilts brought from home and sharing of the pillowcases made for our "Betty-Case" charity project.

FRIDAY at 4:00 PM- "PANEL" quilts shared and next year's challenge revealed!  :)

at 7 PM- LCR game (using 3 FQs of bright polka dot prints) and the "Mystery Bag" exchange

SATURDAY at 9:00 AM- Garage Sale


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remember to go to the food discussion page and put in your choice for lunches Fri and Sat!

We have been a drop off center for Betty Cases this year and I have about 60 to bring.

WOWSERS!!!!  That's absolutely AMAZING!  What a wonderful project our friend Betty started!  It warms my heart to be able to be a small part of this kind and thoughtful project!  Betty would be so PROUD that we are carrying on her mission!  Love you and miss you, dear Betty.  

I did a little adjusting to the schedule in hopes of better accommodating those of you who plan to leave on Saturday.  I moved the garage sale up one half hour earlier- so it is at 9:00 AM instead of 9:30 AM.  I also moved the Panel Palooza from Saturday afternoon up to Friday afternoon at 4:00 PM.  

Hope this schedule adjustment will be beneficial to our Saturday departure attendees and acceptable to everyone else!  If not- put on your BIG GIRL PANTIES and deal with it!!   (You know I am just kidding with ya!)

Panties adjusted! (Where is the laughing emoji?)  I should be able to make it back by 9:00 on Saturday.  I'll just leave my garage sale stuff on Friday night and someone can put it out in the morning for me.  If I don't make it by then, that just means fewer treasures I "need" to take home!! 

i got a few things for you last year I could load you up again this year!


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