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Time to think about going to the quilt show-it will be so hard without Betty-she always looked forward to this so much  I am finding a couple fo classes I am interested in-Wed night's A;; Star Review  and Ida Eisenhower on Thursday afternoon...

Can we hear from nancy or Andrea ifd we can have the church on Tuesday night again? 

When can anyone go? We should try to meet in a restaurant one night as we have before-we always have sew much fun!

Does anyone want to do a block lottery again? If so,what block? 

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That is scheduled as the week off from chemo,so I am planning to go..

YIPPEE-SKIPPY!!!  So glad you will be joining us at AQS, Pat!  :)

Yay Pat! We will be happy to see you!

I read my calendar wrong,so it is not a day off,but if it goes like today,i will be ready to take off by 3 pm-may try the Motel 6 in Altoona again since I have not made reservations..I went to the library book club at Wits End Coffee House at 4 pm today-no problems-but they had trouble keeping me on the subject! You know how I go off on tangents...

Yay Pat, looking forward to seeing you. I will be at the church Tuesday night. I don't care if we make a block or play LCR. Just let me know. Getting excited...

Do you want to bring strips,charms,or 10 in squares for our LCR game?  Colorways? Help me here,I don't usually organize things!

How 'bout 10 inch squares for the LCR game?  That way if you want charms you can get FOUR charms out of one square!  :)

I like BRIGHTS or Patriotic Prints as the color way...but that's my opinion!  We only need to bring three 10" squares so that shouldn't be too difficult to find brights or patriotic fabrics in your stash!  What do you other ladies (who are attending Tuesday evening) think?  

Barring the arrival of my granddaughter I am planning on being there.

Can we do BRIGHTS for the LCR game?  10 inch squares are fine with me.

I vote we keep it really informal, and loose.  Gives us more time for fellowship, than organized activities.  Just my 2 cents worth.

I vote for brights. Joyce, Jackie and I will be at the church Tuesday eve.  Will be at the show on Friday if all stays steady at work.  Looking forward to it and Pat, so happy you will be able to be there if it continues well for you 

Brights work for me also. Can't wait to see you all.

I'll go for brights, too!

Ok brights will work for me too.


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