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Time to think about going to the quilt show-it will be so hard without Betty-she always looked forward to this so much  I am finding a couple fo classes I am interested in-Wed night's A;; Star Review  and Ida Eisenhower on Thursday afternoon...

Can we hear from nancy or Andrea ifd we can have the church on Tuesday night again? 

When can anyone go? We should try to meet in a restaurant one night as we have before-we always have sew much fun!

Does anyone want to do a block lottery again? If so,what block? 

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Im with Nancy and Jackie.

I vote to skip the lotto too. As simple as possible is just fine by me!

I'm so glad you gals spoke up and it's exactly the way I had hoped: three bright 10" squares for LCR, three items tucked inside a gift bag for the GIFT BAG SWAP, SHOW & TELL...and that's it!  :) 

I felt it was too short a time frame for everyone to sew up a block and I personally did not want the stress of sewing up two blocks either!  (But you know me, the "people pleaser" that I am---I wanted to make sure I was pleasing the majority!!)  

I also wasn't too pumped about a garage sale either.  I would have to scramble to get my stuff ready for it!

Now we have more time to visit and drool over the beautiful quilt projects everyone brings for SHOW & TELL!  LOL

Just packed my swap bag!  Need to cut my 10 inch squares cut and I will be good to go.

And my fat quarters are NOT color coordinated. LOL Looking forward to seeing you guys Tuesday night!

We will have to see how chemo goes to see if I can make it-I might talk my DD into taking me-but if not,I want lots of pictures on face book- I will post my Show and Tell on Facebook AND I want a phone call! 

Pat you make sure to do what is best for you.  I promise you will be involved in the festivities.  Make sure that someone has your phone number so we can get you your call.  Continue prayers of comfort for you.

You got it, Pat!  Will get our voices warmed up just in case you are unable to attend!

Well, we had a small and somewhat bittersweet gathering last night at Andrea & Linda's church.  We pulled up an empty chair for Betty, then put the tub of pillow cases on her 'lap' with the overflow on the tables to the sides.  Marcia suggested that we go around the group and express memories of Betty...and, you know, those memories were of a happy, fun-loving, animal-loving, family oriented, sometimes silly country gal we all called our friend...even those in our IQ group that never met Betty in person felt that way.

Very well said Jackie...

Top to bottom:  We had to practice Marcia's original lyrics before the promised call to Pat!!  After a couple of practice runs, Marcia 'dialed' up Pat's number, put it on speaker phone.....and we got voicemail!  But we sang our hearts out anyway and gave Pat an everlasting memory of the sisters missing her in Ankeny.  We shouted our well-wishes before ending the call.  Here is a copy of our song sheets, Pat...just in case you couldn't make out the words!!  Love you and hope it brought a smile and not a grimace to your face!!

Where is the LIKE button?!?!?  Since it went to voicemail now she can listen to it everyday.  Feel better soon Pat!


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