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Our August Retreat is Friday, August 7th through Sunday, August 9th at the Comfort Inn (in Story City).  We have the conference room rented (an additional $25 a day) for three days.  You may arrive anytime after 10:00 AM on Friday and stay until the last quilter goes home on Sunday!  Please know that if you come before 3 PM on Friday- your rooms will not be available until 3:00!  You are certainly welcome to carry your sewing stuff and projects into the conference room and sew.  (However, you just can't unpack in your room till they are done with the cleaning!)

I had ten rooms reserved for this year when I booked this date last year.  So far, six of the rooms are already booked by the following gals:

Pat A., Mary G., Marybeth, & Marilyn

Marcia, Rosie, and Linda N 

Rhonda & sister JoAnn

Tressa J & mother Janice

Sandy O 

Deb S & Darce



Karen Hanson

*Please call Comfort Inn at 515-733-6363 if you wish to book a room.  Tell them you are with Iowa Quilters.  The room rate is $89.99 per night.  There are 3 rooms left:  2 rooms with two queens each and 1 room with a king-sized bed.



*A salad for Friday noon's luncheon at Diane's home

*Your beverage of choice (water, tea, pop, wine....whatever your preference) for the duration of the retreat

*Snack to set out on the community snack table to be shared with everyone (cookies, chocolate, bars, fresh fruit, chocolate, licorice, candy, nuts, mints, chocolate, trail mix....you get the idea!)  Quilters are partial to chocolate!!!  :)

*Lap robe made from the colors spotlighted in the wrapper of your favorite candy bar.  Remember the rules to this challenge!  If you're not sure- ask me!  BIG PRIZE for the winning quilt!  :)

*Three 2 1/2" strips in the SUNSHINE GRAY color way (soft gray, buttery yellow, and white on white) for our LCR game.  Printed fabric that uses all three of these colors is quite acceptable!

*Two FQs in an OCEAN color way:  calming blue, soothing turquoise, or sandy tan!  

*Please bring three quilt related items in a RECYCLED GIFT BAG for our swap.  Suggestions for the three items you might choose to tuck inside the "MYSTERY BAG" are:  a quilt book you no longer want, a quilt tool (seam ripper, tape measure, scissors, etc...maybe you bought a duplicate of a tool you already have), a special ruler you had to have but don't use, a piece of fabric you are no longer in love with, a quilt pattern you tried but won't use again, etc.  Anyway- you get the idea!  Choose three things to put in a recycled gift bag for our swap activity!  After we are done playing the game and you received something in the bag you don't think you'll use - we can swap with one another after the game!

*Any additional sewing related items (not tucked inside the "Mystery Bag") can be added to our annual GARAGE SALE!  Here's a great opportunity to clean out those no-longer-needed items in your sewing room and have them adopted by your fellow quilters!  Feel free to bring other craft items such as yarn, beads, felt, buttons, etc. -since everything seems to find a home at these garage sales!  Even novels, audio books, and cookbooks can be added to the garage sale since we have a lot of avid readers in our group!

*Two or three quilt projects you have completed and would like to share during our "SHOW & TELL"

*Remember your quilting buddy:  your friendly stuffed GORILLA!


*I will bring two sets of bed risers to place under the legs of two long tables to make them a comfortable height for cutting tables.

*The hotel will supply the irons and ironing boards. (These are from the rooms but the staff will have them in the conference room for us to use during the retreat.)  You may wish to bring your own personal mini-iron and small ironing pad so you can do this task in your work space.

*Bring your own rotary cutter, scissors, and rulers.  You may decide to bring a small cutting mat, but it's silly for all of us to bring large cutting mats.  Bringing a LARGE cutting mat to share with others:  Marcia, Lynne, Deb S, and Diane.  


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I'll vote for "cool".  I'm assuming those are pastels not deep rich green, blue, purple.  Or am I mistaken...either way is fine with me.

Cool colors sound good

Come on Ocean

one vote for "sunshine grays"

Ocean would be good but so are the others

Just a reminder: Don't forget to bring your gorillas to Retreat!  They need time off too ;^)

Deb, as our newbie, at the first Retreat we decided on the gorilla as our mascot and many of us bought small stuffed toy gorillas or monkeys to bring along and sit at our places.  Mine is a little silver-backed lowland Gorilla that I found for a few dollars somewhere and he sits in my sewing room the rest of the time.  There have been sock monkeys, other types of monkeys or apes.  They are fun!

Oh Sandy, my pink ape is all ready to make the trip.  He has been my grandkids faithful companion for several years.  Even giggles and says "I Love you".

You are good to go!  Does she have a name?

The "SUNSHINE GRAY" color way is the winning choice for our three 2 1/2" strips for our LCR game.  Please select a soft gray fabric, a soft buttery yellow fabric, and a white on white fabric.  However, if you have a paisley print (or some other print) that incorporates all these colors- feel free to bring a strip of that fabric as one of your three strips.  As long as the fabrics you select blend well with our chosen color way we're fine with that!

I have edited my original post (at the top of this discussion) to include the items you will need to bring to the retreat!

I have another section of THIS and THAT in regards to what is available to serve you sewing needs while you are at the retreat.  Since it's silly for all of us to bring LARGE mats, are there any volunteers willing to bring a large mat to share with everyone.  I will bring mine, but wonder if three more of you would volunteer to bring your large mats? 

For new attendees: our 'Garage Sale' is more like a "SWAP" since we never exchange money for the items.  We are just delighted to have them out of our house and going home with someone who will use them!  :)

I can bring a large cutting mat


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